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Product Description

Moso Description

The Moso is a Timber Bamboo Plant. This design is part of the Silhouette Series and celebrates the simple beauty of Bamboo.

Pop. Strength. Sustainability. This deep-concave, 4th generation bamboo hybrid deck features a new and improved construction resulting in longer lasting durability and performance. POP is the #1 feature! Just so you know you are getting a legit board, all Bamboo Skateboard decks have a heat stamped logo to verify authenticity and guarantee quality! Our customers tell us that our bamboo boards last them on average 3 weeks longer than other pro decks, but don’t take our word for it – test one out. If you want a strong, high-quality, environmentally friendly deck at an affordable price, then look no further!

  • 6 ply bamboo/maple hybrid
  • Non carbonized; lighter colored texture
  • Glue used in our decks is water-based and complies with European Standard EN71


SIZE: 8.5″ 8.25″ 8″ 7.75″ 7.5″
LENGTH: 32.5″ 32.25″ 32″ 31.125″ 31″
WHEELBASE: 14.75″ 14.25″ 13.75″ 13.75″ 13.75″
NOSE: 7″ 7″ 7″ 6.625″ 6.375″
TAIL: 6.5″ 6.625″ 6.625″ 6.375″ 6.125″
WEIGHT: 3.1 3 2.75 2.55 2.45

Additional Information

Deck Size

7.5″, 7.75″, 8″, 8.25″, 8.5″

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— Asked by Alberto Rodriguez on 12/01/2016

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