Here are some songs I’ve been listening to this summer. Enjoy!

Perfect for the drive to work in the morning.
Heard this one in the office one day.

After a long day.

This week we will celebrate the 4th of July. I’ll honor this country’s birthday with a bit of Americana from my photo collection, The Cars of Oceanside, California, that I’ve been working on all summer. Enjoy!

Yesterday, the sales skatepark team visited two parks in San Diego . Kelly was awesome and drove us around and arranged to bring some riders and a cameraman.

Three tips for our next visit:

1. Kids love stickers. The bigger stickers provide more value and make it easer to write the offer and promo code on the back.
2. Bring decks. We left ours in a last-minute vehicular change. You really want to show the kids the decks and graphics. Think tactile product engagement, Apple Store style.
3. Always carry a spare tire. We had a blowout on the I5 and thankfully Kelly had a fifth wheel in the trunk.


Hi, I’m Mike. I’m the career changer in the group. Ten years ago I became a middle school teacher but then moved to the Caribbean to run a country’s sailing program. Been a great ride so far. I decided to spend 2013 taking a digital marketing program at college and spending the summer doing something different. So here I am.

Here’s my list of things I learnt during the first week:

1. Carry your photo identification AT ALL TIMES. Although I’m flattered at the age of 35 to be asked to prove I’m 21, every single bar and restaurant in Oceanside requires proof. Don’t forget it if you’re like me and enjoy an apres work beer.
2. Watch dropbox. It’s got a mind of its own. Biggest source of stress so far. Let everyone know that you’re updating a file and don’t forget to change the filename date.
3. Ask questions. I had an amazing conversation with Wyatt about how the decks are made. It was super interesting and every intern should really learn about the products we sell.
4. The coconut milk soup at The Wok Inn on Mission Avenue downtown Oceanside is, ahem, to Thai for.  Say hi to Lynn.

Have a good one.

It’s easy to think “oh yeah I have to be efficient, no problem.” Although, when you are hit with a bunch of tasks to tackle, it’s not always as easy as it seems.

Red peppers in my self sustaining vegetable garden in South Cali

Luckily, we have a sweet system set up to monitor our efficiency and help us manage our workload. The timesheet has been a challenge to stick to and it has been difficult to figure out how to make improvements but it has been a big help.

Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes

We had an awesome time at Clash at Clairemont 6. Despite the bad weather, a ton of people came out to support Grind For Life.

The Clash

This program has been a blast and a big challenge for me to learn how to bring results and develop professionally. I look forward to every second of the rest of it.

Afeter redoing the zine multiple times, it is finally done. Everyone who sent in an ad to our contest on loopd can see their ad placed on the back page of the zine. That is right all 74 Bamboo Sk8 ads are on the back of the zine. Make sure you check it out if you participated in the contest.
On a side note. This week officially makes it the half way mark of my internship. For those people looking for an internship I highly recommend this program. I have lerned a lot and enjoyed every minute of my time here at Bamboo Sk8.

grand prizeTime to get stoked. I am proud to announce a new contest in the works here at Bamboo Sk8. The contest involves shooting an Eco/Skate video. The video is a chance for contestants to get creative. I have been working closley with Ron (head of public relations), and we so far have finished an outline for a “pilot” run. The pilot run will include all the basic ideas of the contest for four teams of participants to compete against eachother. We will pick the best video for a grand prize (later to be announced, but trust us it will be worth competing for). If the pilot contest runs with out any major problems we will unleash the contest to the masses. We see this contest eventually going national, maybe even international. We also have diffrent variations of the contest, one will revolutionalize the skate market. We are changing the world one step at a time. There is no stopping us and eventually you will have no choice but to join us. Why not join us now. Go ahead, help us save the world. I dare you.