With the Clash at Clairemont right around the corner, we wanted to keep you all posted about the ins-and-outs of the event. We’ll be there showcasing some of our new boards, but we’re also excited to be presenting our new Bamboo x Grind For Life collab skateboard deck!

The deck features a vinyl record, inspired by one of this year’s music headliners, Mixmaster Mike. GFL has traditionally featured a rad blend of music and skating.

Grind For Life (the charity benefitting from the Clash) works to help cancer patients and their families that have to travel far to get the treatment they need. GFL ‘s efforts not only provide assistance for patients getting to doctors and hospitals, but also educate, encourage and inspire these people and their families throughout their cancer recovery.

There’s nothing better we like better than working with good people towards some great causes. Come check out our booth and our new GFL boards at the Clash! Roll green and destroy cancer!


We reached the end of month 3 in this hard but amazing internship. What can I say…every day I’m learning something new! If it has to do with going to skate shops and get them on-board with our awesome decks, like I did this week or if it has to do with making sure our riders on Hook it are doing their part and respecting their contract’s duties, it’s all happening here at Bamboosk8.

Personally, this last two weeks I’ve visited a shop on the Gold Coast and they’re so happy, maybe we’re starting a distribution in Australia. They love our decks and my sales rep abilities made it all possible (aahahahh, I’m a genius!!!). At the Hook it team, we’ve been working on competitions and bringing more people active to interact with us with emails, comments ect. The latest competition we’ve created is bringing a lot of action to the website and our brand, it’s called the Bamboosk8 Treasure Hunt and kids have to find clues hidden in other sites of ours and the first to find the clues win a prize.



The crew residing in Cali was fortunate enough to participate at the Clash at Clairemont, but were unlucky with the weather since it rained all day and no demos went on, but Bamboosk8 stayed there to the end supporting all the kids and fanatics around.

Time is flying by now and if everything goes according to plan in 4 weeks’ time we all graduate from the internship with enough points to move forward with our careers. This week also we have our final exam, daunting but very important to teach us about lead times and shipping costs together with understanding how a business stays profitable over the course of a year. Last time I did well, but this week I really want to go the extra mile and get maximum points.

We have been also interviewed on all the questions we are given during the internship, to see our changes to responses and to see if we are learning to use the STAR format. A very useful way to be prepared and kick it at future interviews. We’ll have another one in the coming weeks as a final one before the end of the internship, but this one was good because I gathered a lot of feedback on what to improve.

Well, I guess that’s enough of me for this time, let’s go out there to shred in Bamboosk8 fashion!

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It’s easy to think “oh yeah I have to be efficient, no problem.” Although, when you are hit with a bunch of tasks to tackle, it’s not always as easy as it seems.

Red peppers in my self sustaining vegetable garden in South Cali

Luckily, we have a sweet system set up to monitor our efficiency and help us manage our workload. The timesheet has been a challenge to stick to and it has been difficult to figure out how to make improvements but it has been a big help.

Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes

We had an awesome time at Clash at Clairemont 6. Despite the bad weather, a ton of people came out to support Grind For Life.

The Clash

This program has been a blast and a big challenge for me to learn how to bring results and develop professionally. I look forward to every second of the rest of it.

Week 10 is filled with adventure for me this week! I will give you a break down of my week in this blog. Out-of-office intern Alissa became In-office intern extraordinaire! I am on my Spring Break and I got to travel around the sunny state of California.

Saturday 3/10/12: Traveled from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA and traveled to San Bernardino

Sunday 3/11/12: Caught some rays at the pool at California State San Bernardino  

Monday 3/12/12: Walked around the campus and visited an awesome skateboard exhibit in a gallery

Tuesday 3/12/12: Traveled to Oceanside on the 4:48am MetroLink 

Wednesday 3/13/12: Visited the BambooSK8 office!

Thursday 3/14/12: Went into the office again and met some more lovely interns!  

Friday 3/15/12: I travel to San Diego and visited the San Diego Zoo.

Saturday 3/16/12: I will be traveling back to WI.


I had such a wonderful trip. I got to visit a friend, go to the BambooSK8 office, make some memories, and sit on the ocean. I really could not have asked for a better vacation. I know that this internship is helping me grow more as a person inside and out. These friendships I have made will last me a lifetime. Thank you to everyone in Oceanside, CA. I appreciate you all SO SO much!


How  are you little leprechauns????

St.Patrick’s day is coming this weekend and we got so many things happening at Bamboosk8.

The internship is going really well and we’re all putting in a lot of effort in making it as successful as the others. This weekend we have the Clash at Clairemont event where we’ll have a booth so don’t be shy and come say hi. You can meet most of the interns making the pilgrimage to Cali and you can try and buy our decks, new graphics and new apparel clothing!

We are striving to reach time efficiency by using our MPS system and the time-sheet  to record how much time we spend on assignments and duties and how we perform compared to previous weeks. using a time-sheet is also really helpful to assign things to do to different days of the week so that we’re more efficient and we can have more time to put toward other commitments.

Learning first hand how the action sport business works I can say that it’s a 24/7 job. You never rest and everything is going on anytime, but when the results come in is very rewarding.

I hope to learn more during the next few weeks so that I can use the information and experience to find a job sooner than later.

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I can’t believe it is already week 9! Time fly’s when your being eco-friendly I guess. So far I have learned great things from my internship here at BambooSk8. The Management Systems that the company has in place really helps with organization. We also are required to fill out weekly time sheets that show everything we do, and how long it takes us to do it. I think it would be quite a feet for there to be a disorganized intern in this program!!! However, all of these tools are essential for entering the work force.

This week we are gearing up for the Clash at Clairemont. This event takes place on St. Patricks day, and I am SO EXCITED for it! Geoff K bought a panda suit for the event, and I can’t wait to see who we get to wear it. Things are pretty busy in the office, there is a lot of planning that goes into these types of events. After all, we want to make it great for everyone!!!

Other than the Clash event, things are running business as usual. I have been working hard with my team to get our Facebook and Analytic numbers where they need to be. I have also been spending a lot of time on Hookit to try and help our numbers there. We have some really great contests running at the moment, and we have another St. Patty’s day one about to be announced as well. Tameka, Mark and myself have also been working very hard at planning the fundraiser for Grind for Life. So far it is lining up to be pretty awesome!! The venue, Hensley’s Flying Elephant, is awesome!!!! We also have some pretty incredible bands lined up to play. The main goal right now is to get donations from other companies. So Jackie created a flyer for us to send out, and let me tell you, that girl is a genius!!!

On top of all of this, Jamie and I are helping some students up at the Oasis Skate Factory in Toronto with their deck designs. I can’t believe how amazingly talented these kids are. Their project is to create a deck design for a Bamboo deck that sends the message of sustainability. These designs are so good, I wouldn’t have thought they came from kids at all! Jamie and I are beyond excited to see what their final designs look like! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS!!!!

Below is some of the amazing work that the kids at OSF are doing!