With summer approaching quickly, more and more I find myself near the water and in less clothing. But before days are spent in board shorts and flip flops there are some much needed skateboard trips! Last weekend’s event stirred a new desire to be on the road scouting skate spots and parks.  I was fortunate enough to find myself amongst some very inspiring talented skateboarders and enthusiastic spectators. Last Saturday the Carmel Valley skate park hosted the “I ride, I recycle” skateboard contest. Let me begin by stating there was much more to see than just a few power slides and wheelies. I was not only impressed by the caliber of riding, but the diversity of athletes. Not only were competitors of many ability levels, but they were of different sexes, age groups, and skateboarding styles. There was a little bit of everything at this event; it seemed as though even skateboarders that were not in the sanctioned competition were having fun skating in their own competitive contest. At any given time I would look around and see others not only having a great time, but having support from others doing it. It makes me remember weekends when mom would take me to the skate park. Ma didn’t know anything about skateboarding, so I never listened to her tips, you know stupid comments like “keep your head up, or “make sure to keep my feet above the metal thingy’s” it never failed that in less than 10 minutes an older skater would roll up and say “Keep your head up dude”, or “Yo bro, keep your feet over the trucks!”.  Somehow it sunk more when he said it; he was a peer and was understanding. this skateboard event reminded me of All the things that I long for…skate trips to rad parks, skateboarding with a diverse group of athletes, the inspiration from complete strangers that know what they are talking about and a little bit of summer to top it off.


Have you even been stuck on rocky embankment, and the only way to get to safety was to climb through thorn bushes? Have you even been caught unexpectedly in a snowstorm without a jacket and had to walk 2 miles to warmth? There are times in life that you just have to sack up and provide results.

For me, this week’s schedule felt like one of those moments. Having only a very limited number of hours in a day makes it difficult to find even time to sleep. While I used to plan out my days in hours, planning now comes in durations of minutes and seconds. Time management is possibly the most important thing that this internship has taught me. By sacking up and waking up every weekday at 5am and moving nonstop until approximately around 11pm.

At times similar to that of being caught in a snowstorm or stranded on a ledge embankment, autopilot takes over and you do what is only absolutely necessary at the time. While this is a skill I have recently acquired, it is one that should have been practiced many times before.  One can say that my situation is much like being stuck on a ledge outcropping without a rope or in a snowstorm without a jacket. The morale of the story is to do whatever it takes to get through the situation and make sure to be better prepared next time.

Well, well, well. There is quite a lot to be said for these past couple of weeks. Most of all, we were able to work an epic surf event located right in my back yard of Cardiff-by-the-Sea! The event was called the Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Street Fair. We had our booth set up nice and early and pretty much dominated our area. We had our basic product tent, our “Bamboo Skateboards/I Ride I Recycle/Art of Board” Lounge area across the way, and finally, our main event, our tarp surfing set up in the back!

Our tarp surfing was immediately a hit (especially considering it was a 12 and under surf contest). Everyone was hitting it up, from dads to little five year old groms. It was a site to see but it got tiring running back and forth all the time so we finally handed it over to the kids and they had an absolute blast. Later on, a news crew stopped by and interviewed one of our employees about us… and thats when Boo (the panda mascot) made his way out. He started getting mischievous during the interview then decided to take it to a whole different level and actually pull into the green room.


The camera crew loved that and wanted to film a couple more runs of Boo getting shacked. So we ran a few more then everyone was out with their phones and cameras trying to get a little bit of panda shredding action. The rest of the day was pretty packed, from managing the tarp surfing, to talking about Bamboo Skateboards at our product tent and selling some decks.

The only bummer about the whole tarp surfing event was the painting I did on it the day before got absolutely demolished. I’m stoked I got to spend the day painting though. Plus, you could tell everyone that hit up the tarp surfing because they all had paint chips in their hair and all over their clothes.


All in all, I would say this was one of my favorite weekends/events of the entire internship. From preparation to execution, the whole experience was an absolute blast. I wish we could do this every weekend!

That’s all I have for now folks! Until next time.


Alright, here we are at week 10 and for some reason I am still churning my wheels just to keep up. I knew that this internship would be challenging, but I surely did not think it would be like this. Every little shortcoming is consistently addressed and it can start to feel a bit frustrating. But, I know that this experience will make me a much more efficient and detail-oriented professional as I continue to grow.


In my last blog I left off talking about how we were prepping for the Cardiff Surf Classic. Well we made it down there first thing in the morning, we got all set up and it was into the flow from there. We had a tarp wave shacking little groms from all over, we had a skate obstacle course with a drop in ramp and a sweet little lounge for attendees to relax and enjoy the cool breeze by the beach. As soon as that tarp wave got all set up, it was a non-stop ride all day. Kids just couldn’t get enough. Even the panda had to get in on the action. We also helped out with a board swap, which allowed attendees to bring their boards, and either try to straight swap them for another board, or sell them to any interested buyers.


Near the end of the event we hosted a raffle, which stoked out families with some fresh new gear, including shirts, grip tape, stickers and a deck. Overall, the event was a great success. Everyone was pumped just to be a part of such a forward thinking movement. My prediction is that the Cardiff Surf Classic will continue to grow and inspire the minds of people all over San Diego.

Just last Friday we were shooting a video for a fundraiser that we will be hosting. It was a really cool day, everyone had their interviews, some of the team riders were skating around the warehouse, and of course boo was causing a little mischief on scene. We can’t wait to see how this video turns out. So far it is looking pretty sick if I must say so myself.

Talk to you soon!

It’s week 6 and time is flying by. It seems like last week I was walking into the doors of BambooSK8 for the first time as an intern asking myself “What’s Hookit?” and wondering what the following weeks had in store. Now we’re 2 weeks away from the half way point, and I’m more excited about this experience than ever!

Why you may ask? Although the tasks are piling on, and we’re all stressing out and pushing hard to maximize our points, the reason I’m so excited is for our plans. After all these weeks we finally have some set ideas to put into action. We have some fun contests we’re holding, events we’re attending, and of course, some awesome times to look forward to with my fellow interns and peers.

Things are also getting easier as they continue to get harder. It’s a fine balance, however, I can tell that I’ve been pushing myself past my comfort zone and into that “sweet spot” where I’m maximizing my efficiency and yielding my best results. I’ve not only grown professionally, but also as a person. They say that experience is one of the most beneficial education, and I can wholeheartedly back that up. This is by far one of the best learning experiences I’ve had the chance to obtain.

I’m stoked to be part of the bamboo crew!

grand prizeTime to get stoked. I am proud to announce a new contest in the works here at Bamboo Sk8. The contest involves shooting an Eco/Skate video. The video is a chance for contestants to get creative. I have been working closley with Ron (head of public relations), and we so far have finished an outline for a “pilot” run. The pilot run will include all the basic ideas of the contest for four teams of participants to compete against eachother. We will pick the best video for a grand prize (later to be announced, but trust us it will be worth competing for). If the pilot contest runs with out any major problems we will unleash the contest to the masses. We see this contest eventually going national, maybe even international. We also have diffrent variations of the contest, one will revolutionalize the skate market. We are changing the world one step at a time. There is no stopping us and eventually you will have no choice but to join us. Why not join us now. Go ahead, help us save the world. I dare you.