This constant movement is nothing new to Bamboo Skateboards. Since its conception, this skateboard company has found a way to constantly be “buzzing”. Whether it’s in various social medias, written publications, radio waves, or television this has been a brand that is in constant motion. After thinking about it, it seems as though my busy life has not even held a candle to what this company and its employees have done. Consistent updating is what is needed when running a successful business, and many of these updates come in a very short period of time.

Recently, Bamboo skateboards warehouse was moved to another location in Oceanside. During this move, there were not much more than just a handful of people helping. It is absolutely amazing how in less than 2 weeks there was such a transformation for the company. It was humbling to find with a little bit of help, some great will power, determination and eagerness from a small pool of talented individuals, this transformation was nothing more than a healthy heartbeat for the company. there was not any one moment that I had heard comments of how this may affect the company or even the individuals lives in a negative way, but rather a feeling of fresh air. This change had happened to become something better, something that the company was ready for.

Because of demonstrations like this, it has become apparent to me that no matter how pre-determined or busy my life may seem, it absolutely needs to be open to changes. Just as the company had done with a little bit of help, some great will power, determination and eagerness to become something better, I will become something better. Thanks to Bamboos core capabilities to acclimate I have seen to become something better, you must be enthusiastic to change.

With summer approaching quickly, more and more I find myself near the water and in less clothing. But before days are spent in board shorts and flip flops there are some much needed skateboard trips! Last weekend’s event stirred a new desire to be on the road scouting skate spots and parks.  I was fortunate enough to find myself amongst some very inspiring talented skateboarders and enthusiastic spectators. Last Saturday the Carmel Valley skate park hosted the “I ride, I recycle” skateboard contest. Let me begin by stating there was much more to see than just a few power slides and wheelies. I was not only impressed by the caliber of riding, but the diversity of athletes. Not only were competitors of many ability levels, but they were of different sexes, age groups, and skateboarding styles. There was a little bit of everything at this event; it seemed as though even skateboarders that were not in the sanctioned competition were having fun skating in their own competitive contest. At any given time I would look around and see others not only having a great time, but having support from others doing it. It makes me remember weekends when mom would take me to the skate park. Ma didn’t know anything about skateboarding, so I never listened to her tips, you know stupid comments like “keep your head up, or “make sure to keep my feet above the metal thingy’s” it never failed that in less than 10 minutes an older skater would roll up and say “Keep your head up dude”, or “Yo bro, keep your feet over the trucks!”.  Somehow it sunk more when he said it; he was a peer and was understanding. this skateboard event reminded me of All the things that I long for…skate trips to rad parks, skateboarding with a diverse group of athletes, the inspiration from complete strangers that know what they are talking about and a little bit of summer to top it off.


So this last weekend I got to represent Bamboo Skateboards at “Greenfest” which was presented by SDSU’s Associated Students and SDSU’s Enviro-Business Society. It was a weeklong schedule of events which encourage, celebrate, and advocate sustainability and diversity. The purpose of GreenFest was to engage the campus community through social and interactive programs in an effort to educate them on the important of living a sustainable lifestyle and to promote sustainable practices.

Engaging with the students and staff alike, it was evident that SDSU is a campus that is at the forefront of living sustainably. Every vendor that was present was making steps towards revealing ways to improve lifestyle while doing a part of preserving the future. It was not only a great event, but a great venue. For anyone that has not been to the SDSU campus I would recommend visiting for the simple fact of viewing great architecture in a stunning setting.  Awesome art, design, and scenery coupled along with great weather and many like-minded students, sets the tone for becoming educated in both general studies and sustainability at a SDSU a synch. It is no wonder this is a preferred University amongst many students living in Southern California.

While working this event, I informed others about business practices that will not only generate business for Bamboo skateboards, but healthier consumer decisions  on what products leave less of an impact on future generations. Overall, I would say that this was a great success for Bamboo Skateboards and other products/services that promote sustainability!


Well, well, well. There is quite a lot to be said for these past couple of weeks. Most of all, we were able to work an epic surf event located right in my back yard of Cardiff-by-the-Sea! The event was called the Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Street Fair. We had our booth set up nice and early and pretty much dominated our area. We had our basic product tent, our “Bamboo Skateboards/I Ride I Recycle/Art of Board” Lounge area across the way, and finally, our main event, our tarp surfing set up in the back!

Our tarp surfing was immediately a hit (especially considering it was a 12 and under surf contest). Everyone was hitting it up, from dads to little five year old groms. It was a site to see but it got tiring running back and forth all the time so we finally handed it over to the kids and they had an absolute blast. Later on, a news crew stopped by and interviewed one of our employees about us… and thats when Boo (the panda mascot) made his way out. He started getting mischievous during the interview then decided to take it to a whole different level and actually pull into the green room.


The camera crew loved that and wanted to film a couple more runs of Boo getting shacked. So we ran a few more then everyone was out with their phones and cameras trying to get a little bit of panda shredding action. The rest of the day was pretty packed, from managing the tarp surfing, to talking about Bamboo Skateboards at our product tent and selling some decks.

The only bummer about the whole tarp surfing event was the painting I did on it the day before got absolutely demolished. I’m stoked I got to spend the day painting though. Plus, you could tell everyone that hit up the tarp surfing because they all had paint chips in their hair and all over their clothes.


All in all, I would say this was one of my favorite weekends/events of the entire internship. From preparation to execution, the whole experience was an absolute blast. I wish we could do this every weekend!

That’s all I have for now folks! Until next time.


One word…Wow!! This has been an amazing experience!! I literally have never worked so hard, and have never had so much fun with work.

I look back at the previous months and think what have I been doing? Attending events contributing to awesome causes, going out skateboarding promoting bamboo, talking to people about bamboo online, brainstorming new marketing campaigns and ways to reach more people, going to shops talking to peeps about bamboo…it has been awesome. I don’t want it to end 🙂

I had a blast at the EcoFest at CSU San Bernardino this last week. There was some really cool vendors and music. Got to talk to a lot of people about bamboo skateboards and skateboarding and sustainability in general. Always fun going to a cool event for a cool cause!!

This program really makes you push yourself to the limit. It gives you the chance to prove your abilities and skills and really make some cool stuff happen! It’s all on you, yet you have a ton of support from your team and your mentors.

Can’t think of a better way to have spent my time than skateboarding and representing an awesome company with an awesome mission with awesome people!!

Yo Yo,
It is now week 4 and I have learned so much in this internship already it’s crazy! I am the in-office person for Hook-It, Twitter and YouTube and just keeping up with these 3 is a challenge. I am always looking for a challenge, but I was not expecting the amount of time this internship was going to require. It has taken me a while, but I am beginning to adapt to the chaos and starting to actually enjoy it. Moving forward, I have learned tons of information on the strategy taken by companies to improve their product. It is amazing how you can go about selling the same product in a different way and have it succeed rather than fail. Bamboo has a competitive niche in the market and that is that their boards are lighter; stronger; and most importantly eco-friendly. This gives them the competitive advantage over other board companies. I started riding my first deck last week and I can now tell people what I truly think of the product I am selling. I can only say one thing, they are AWSOME!!! I am never going to ride a maple deck again!

The bosses are really helping me this week when it comes to the different goals and commitments I am working on. I appreciate all of their help, because I know how much time it takes out of their day to help us as well as how much this information will help me in relation to my future jobs. I am also learning a lot about myself, how much I can accomplish and how long it is going to take me. I am excited to start editing old videos and brainstorming new ideas for projects. I am also excited for future contests and events that we are going to hold, because it is good to be involved in the community and give these kids something to get excited about!!! I leave you with a link to the video I made from my trip to Bali in August…

grand prizeTime to get stoked. I am proud to announce a new contest in the works here at Bamboo Sk8. The contest involves shooting an Eco/Skate video. The video is a chance for contestants to get creative. I have been working closley with Ron (head of public relations), and we so far have finished an outline for a “pilot” run. The pilot run will include all the basic ideas of the contest for four teams of participants to compete against eachother. We will pick the best video for a grand prize (later to be announced, but trust us it will be worth competing for). If the pilot contest runs with out any major problems we will unleash the contest to the masses. We see this contest eventually going national, maybe even international. We also have diffrent variations of the contest, one will revolutionalize the skate market. We are changing the world one step at a time. There is no stopping us and eventually you will have no choice but to join us. Why not join us now. Go ahead, help us save the world. I dare you.