We’re so excited that it’s finally summertime, and we’re making it even better with three rad new graphics inspired by the best four months of the year.

The Lined Up is our beach-ready Bat Tail. It’s got an extended wheelbase so you can carve through high-speed turns with no wheel bite, but we love it ’cause it’s no fuss and is perfect for just cruising around.

The Paddle Out is our newest drop-through and our signature bamboo-maple hybrid makes this board the perfect blend of flex and strength. Slap some of our Blur wheels on this beauty and she’ll become your #1.

The Nirvana is the classic Pintail cruiser you never knew you needed, but trust us, you do.

We’re throwing in FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the contiguous USA on any order over $65! So cruise to the beach, bomb some hills, do what you want, and always enjoy the sunny days and summer nights.


31.5″ Lined Up Bat Tail



40″ Paddle Out Twin Tip DT

44″ Nirvana Pintail


This week I’ve missed out on some pretty amazing events that have happened.  Clash at Clairemont, Damn Am, high ollie contest, and next the OG Fest.  I wish I could have been at all of these but when life gives you lemons…you have lemons, unless you would like to make lemonade…However, it’s awesome to be apart of these, even if I can’t physically be there though.  I am hoping that very soon, I will have a plane ticket in hand and making my happy way to California to meet everyone and attend a future event!

Side note: Today, I was offered a management position at the Oakley store that I currently work at and I just can’t pass it up! My plan was to move out to California after I graduate but that might have to be on hold for the time being.  I believe this opportunity will help me go farther in the company.  You have to start at the bottom to get to the top and that is exactly what I’m doing. I’m young; I have a long life ahead of me to move out West and see the world.

Bamboo mail update: still waiting patiently for my longboard, deck and stickers.  Hoping this next week they will be under my feet! 🙂

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” -Thomas A. Edison


Week 3 everyone!!!! Time is going by really fast, I can’t believe it. In three more weeks I will be graduating college, and continuing my career in action sports. Until then, I’ll be stressing out getting my portfolio pieces together for my show and working, working, working my two other jobs and the Bamboo internship. I honestly have no idea how I am doing all of these things at once. I guess it’s because I’ve always been a busy bee. This week has been a challenge. Since I do not currently live in California, I am missing some pretty exciting stuff going on with the other interns such as visiting skate parks and hanging out with everyone else….but I can’t let that get me down! I put in my order for a longboard and will be receiving that, plus a deck soon in the mail so I can’t wait to be shredding on my new Boo and spreading the culture to other skaters out there. We finally got our Hookit Athlete list this week as well, which was so exciting! A tad bit confusing, but we’re all learning. After I contacted all of my athletes, the next morning when I checked the messages, I was so stoked when some of them replied. It’s really awesome talking with these kids and seeing what all they have been up to in the past few months. One athlete was telling me how excited he is to purchase a new deck soon, and all the tricks he has been learning. It really makes you think how happy these kids are and how passionate they are as well about skating. Talking to them for just one day made me look at life differently. To take a step back and don’t stress about things that I can’t fix, but to live life and enjoy it! I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold with Hookit and the athletes that I am a part of.



Bambooskies! Hello, we are now at the end of week 2and my my my things have been Bambooming (see what I did there?)…Bad joke.  One thing for sure is that I feel a tad bit less stressed than the previous week, however I’m sure that will change soon enough!

This week I feel like I’m starting to get on the right track and ‘skate’ around easier through all of the files that we deal with on a daily basis here at Bamboo. Since I am part of the marketing team, I have also gotten the opportunity to design some things to post which is always exciting when you get over 100 ‘likes’ on something that you made, which also benefits everyone else as well!  Week 2 moving on, I have also came to terms with living on Pacific Time when I’m living in Ohio…Crazy I know.

During week 2, I learned about a very important aspect in business called Lean Six Sigma. When Geoff mentioned this approach, I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. After our chat, I decided to learn more about this Six Sigmajigger he mentioned, and this is what I learned.

Lean Six Sigma:

When we talk about getting lean it is usually in regards to losing excess weight and strengthening a new body that is lighter and capable of doing more in an efficient way. The same principle applies when Lean Six Sigma methods are applied to business operations in the area of business management strategies. Simply put, this process is all about cost reduction and increased profits.

“A management approach for problem solving and process improvement based on a combination of the different tools of Six Sigma Manufacturing.”

 Lean Goals

  • Lean focuses on eliminating waste from processes and increasing process speed by focusing on what customers actually consider quality, and working back from that.

Six Sigma Goals

  • Six Sigma aims to eliminate process variation and make process improvements based on the customer definition of quality, and by measuring process performance and process change effects.


  • Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain

Anyhow, I can’t wait for the next few weeks to come by so I can continue learning and also soon enough get a deck or two sent to me here in Ohio, so I can officially go out into the world and spread the Bamboo pride with an actual board!

Until week 3 guys!


What’s up everybody!

Man, have these past few weeks been busy! All of the interns are working so hard to get into events, launch new contests, get new customers, visit skateparks, and the list goes on forever. I can’t believe this is the end of week 12, and we are approaching the end of internship so soon. These next few weeks are going to be very challenging, as we all need to meet our sales, marketing, and PR goals by week 16. Yikes!

Something very exciting this week was our final exam! It was somewhat like the midterm, with a few extra curve balls. I’m not sure how I did yet, but I’m crossing my fingers for a good grade! For the future interns reading this, make sure you are always checking details! In the final, and everything else you do. Lead times are a real doozy. So make sure you start training your mind to think in weeks, not months.

Other crew news is that a few of our riders are competing in the Phoenix Am Competition this weekend. Keep checking our facebook and twitter for updates! http://phxam.com/


Well, ladies and gents, this internship is moving right along and its really an eye opener. Seriously, I have been looking at details more than I ever have and organizing my time….well trying to anyways. Normally, we get free range of our blogs and what we would like to share with our readers. Hence, all the goofy pictures of me on my boards.  You know what? Being in the action sport industry as an intern, isn’t all skateboards and competitions, it a lot of business. I can say that I have learned a lot about business in a short amount of time.

Firstly, I am learning to receive constructive feedback.  Lets be honest, no one wants to be told that they are wrong. Since we are being honest, I used to have this bad. Ugh, my pride would get me into SO much trouble!! You couldn’t tell me anything! Needless to say, I was humbled over and over again until that pride thing was broken. Now, I’m not saying that it doesn’t make a cameo every now and again. The difference is, is that I don’t let it win. Business is something that is fairly new to me. You have to have a very thick skin  to be in  business and sometimes you will be given feedback that you don’t want to hear. Believe me, I know!

Ultimately, the feedback isn’t intended to make you cry or upset you but it does. The trick is to turn it into something positive. Take that feedback and implement it into your life or your career. It will make you a better person and employee if you let it.  But of course, you have to let it.

Overall this internship is a learning experience that can be applied to my life. This is new territory, new industry and responsibilities. I am surrounded by intelligent, focused people who are very efficient and love what they do. I love it! It challenges me to step up to the plate and chart this uncharted territory. I’m stoked on it!! I live in a very small town where the stars are insanely bright but  not everyone is  reaching for them. I want to reach for them, I am reaching for them. I am motivated and driven to do the best that I can to become a better person and a better employee. BambooSk8 is an amazing company and I will do everything i can to spread the word  about  what they stand for.


This week in the cold I caught up on some Netflix….. oh yea, they DO have shark week….STOKED!!


and….made a new friend……

Hurry up, summer! Winter is so hurtful and mean!!



Catcha later,