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–  Shoots

Hey I’m Marina. I was born in Jamaica and went to school in the Cayman Islands for ten years. When I was choosing where to go to university, I wanted to experience something completely different, but warm weather and the ocean were things I couldn’t leave behind. Growing up in the Caribbean, anything under 75 degrees is sweater weather, so anywhere with snow was out. I had never been to the west coast before, but LA seemed like it would have everything I was looking for. I moved three years ago to start at USC and could not be happier with the choice I made.

I’m studying marketing at USC and I’m looking forward to getting real word experience during this internship. Plus the Bamboo office is only a few blocks from the beach.. what could be better?!

Bamboo – Rootical Boom

I cannot wait to see what happens after completing this internship. By remaining focusing on what is needed to accomplish today’s goals, I have a clear vision what will need to happen to achieve the employment  desired  in the action sports industry.  It has been a constant feat to balance my current employment, this internship, and my social life all at once. Having completed this internship will allow me to focus purely on acquiring the employment opportunities I desire and less on balancing the many other requirements others have for me.

One thing will always remain certain in life, if you want something you have to go out and get it for yourself. This internship has taught me that you must be willing to make sacrifices, do whatever it takes to keep moving forward, and push until you reach your goals. It may seem hard at times to keep all this up month after month, week after week, day after day, but this is a proven the recipe for success. By staying driven day in and out, no matter the circumstances I remain in a commitment that many others have not been able to meet. It is a great lesson about running a prosperous business; no matter what the daily circumstances may be, it is important to stay focused on moving towards the goals.

As this journey comes towards an end, I have acquired some very useful information and lessons that will carry on with me in my new employment, new experiences, and new life challenges. Every tribulation that is faced today prepares me for the future, and how situations are handled today dictates how well I can control the outcome of future circumstances.

This constant movement is nothing new to Bamboo Skateboards. Since its conception, this skateboard company has found a way to constantly be “buzzing”. Whether it’s in various social medias, written publications, radio waves, or television this has been a brand that is in constant motion. After thinking about it, it seems as though my busy life has not even held a candle to what this company and its employees have done. Consistent updating is what is needed when running a successful business, and many of these updates come in a very short period of time.

Recently, Bamboo skateboards warehouse was moved to another location in Oceanside. During this move, there were not much more than just a handful of people helping. It is absolutely amazing how in less than 2 weeks there was such a transformation for the company. It was humbling to find with a little bit of help, some great will power, determination and eagerness from a small pool of talented individuals, this transformation was nothing more than a healthy heartbeat for the company. there was not any one moment that I had heard comments of how this may affect the company or even the individuals lives in a negative way, but rather a feeling of fresh air. This change had happened to become something better, something that the company was ready for.

Because of demonstrations like this, it has become apparent to me that no matter how pre-determined or busy my life may seem, it absolutely needs to be open to changes. Just as the company had done with a little bit of help, some great will power, determination and eagerness to become something better, I will become something better. Thanks to Bamboos core capabilities to acclimate I have seen to become something better, you must be enthusiastic to change.

So this last weekend I got to represent Bamboo Skateboards at “Greenfest” which was presented by SDSU’s Associated Students and SDSU’s Enviro-Business Society. It was a weeklong schedule of events which encourage, celebrate, and advocate sustainability and diversity. The purpose of GreenFest was to engage the campus community through social and interactive programs in an effort to educate them on the important of living a sustainable lifestyle and to promote sustainable practices.

Engaging with the students and staff alike, it was evident that SDSU is a campus that is at the forefront of living sustainably. Every vendor that was present was making steps towards revealing ways to improve lifestyle while doing a part of preserving the future. It was not only a great event, but a great venue. For anyone that has not been to the SDSU campus I would recommend visiting for the simple fact of viewing great architecture in a stunning setting.  Awesome art, design, and scenery coupled along with great weather and many like-minded students, sets the tone for becoming educated in both general studies and sustainability at a SDSU a synch. It is no wonder this is a preferred University amongst many students living in Southern California.

While working this event, I informed others about business practices that will not only generate business for Bamboo skateboards, but healthier consumer decisions  on what products leave less of an impact on future generations. Overall, I would say that this was a great success for Bamboo Skateboards and other products/services that promote sustainability!


Just wanted to say huge shout out to my friends that are on tour!

The band is called Minor birds and they are on a 2-3 month tour with another great artist named Kat Jones. Thanks to Mark in the marketing and sales department, they are riding new Bamboo Skateboards in somewhere around 30 states of the United States of good ‘ol America!  After the bands tour had a stop in the San Diego area, Bamboo skateboards had the pleasure of hosting them to a few hours at the warehouse, showing them what it’s like to run a great skateboard company while they showed us what it’s like to run some great instruments! Please follow them on their journey across the great states, and make sure to support their valiant effort to support Bamboo skateboards and methods of sustainability through great music and art in any way that you can!

Thanks so much Joel, Chelsea, and Kat Jones for making the stop to see an old friend. Love you guys and your wonderful musical capabilities!!

Keep reppin the BOO and make us proud out there!




Instead of thinking about how much I have grown, learned, and accomplished in these past 10 weeks, I’d like to think of how much more room for improvement, change, and challenges are still left to conquer (as Travis mentioned in his blog). With the time ticking and challenges thickening, this internship is bringing out the best of us. Since the last entry, I feel as if I have reached a new motivational and encouraging stride- couldn’t be done w/o the great people involved with BambooSK8 and most importantly the killers of Class 13. Ultimately it’s our own responsibility to remind ourselves to live gratefully, be happy, and stay positive. Also, at times when you feel unmotivated…jump, run, dance, shout, skate, or just let loose in order to find that motivation again; don’t just sit around waiting for it to come find you.

Last weekend, I got to attend the Seismic US Open in Oceanside, CA. This was the first time I had seen downhill slalom racing in real life, and let me assure was pretty bad ass. There were all sorts of OG shredders that came to race. Some of the pros included: Lou Statman, Richy Carassco, Joe McLaren, Louis Ricard, Chris Yandall, Dave Hackett, last but not least, contest director and 8x world champ, Lynn Kramer. Each one of these fearless riders raced down the steep downhill of N Loretta Street, and showed us how it’s done. Thanks to all the pros and supporters that recreated the legacy of the once very popular, downhill slalom race, right in front of my eyes.

For more photos:

Stay tuned for more event info coming soon!

-In Bamboo We Trust-

Today marks the end of our 16 week adventure. I can’t believe it’s already over! These last two weeks seem like such a blur. I don’t even know where to start or how to say goodbye.

First of all, working with Mark and Geoff has been great. They are both very intelligent men and I feel privileged to have been their grasshopper for the last four months. Geoff taught me many life lessons like don’t let life get stale, and nothing is going to come to you, you have to be the one to make things happen. Mark was a really good mentor and helped me out with a few different things like being more confident, helping others, and being innovative. I’m going to miss our weekly Skype meetings are getting know them!

Ahhh the interns. Though I didn’t meet you guys, you are special in different ways. The in office crew was super great in helping all of the out-of-staters with things. The out-of-staters all conquered the challenge of working remotely and not directly with our teams side by side. I’m still bummed I didn’t make it out to SD for the Grind for Life event yesterday, but I hope we can all meet somewhere one day and have a Vegas Bomb for ol’ time sake! 🙂

As one door closes, another one opens. I’m ending this internship with more knowledge and experience then when I came, and I will be taking it with me on my next journey to Oregon this summer. Action sports is the path I’ve chosen, and BambooSK8 has made me feel like it’s the right choice.

Well, so long for now. Good luck to everyone on their adventures after this! Also, good luck to the future intern classes! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need help with anything!


What’s up everybody!

Man, have these past few weeks been busy! All of the interns are working so hard to get into events, launch new contests, get new customers, visit skateparks, and the list goes on forever. I can’t believe this is the end of week 12, and we are approaching the end of internship so soon. These next few weeks are going to be very challenging, as we all need to meet our sales, marketing, and PR goals by week 16. Yikes!

Something very exciting this week was our final exam! It was somewhat like the midterm, with a few extra curve balls. I’m not sure how I did yet, but I’m crossing my fingers for a good grade! For the future interns reading this, make sure you are always checking details! In the final, and everything else you do. Lead times are a real doozy. So make sure you start training your mind to think in weeks, not months.

Other crew news is that a few of our riders are competing in the Phoenix Am Competition this weekend. Keep checking our facebook and twitter for updates!