Well our intern class officially graduated a few weeks ago but due to an overwhelming amount of applications I have been sending out it seems that I forgot to write a final blog.

The last 4 months have been such an amazing experience for me not just educationally but I came out of it with some amazing new friends and incredible memories. Whether in the office or out of the office Class 14 tore it up and enjoyed every moment we could. I know I personally learned a lot about time management, the intracies of business accounting (I know there is still a ton to learn but personally I will probably avoid the nitty gritty of it) and a ton of new tactics for social marketing. I must say though the biggest of them all is that I learned just how much I like about combining my love for creativity with my skills with lots and lots of data. Marketing, PR and Sales all utilize so many unique creative approaches that when we are in the trenches working through we forget that all these approaches have tons upon tons of data backing them up and if they don’t already we should start tracking it in order to show how effective our new idea truly was.

Other than knowledge learned and good times the internship did serve a nice little beating to my outside life. There were definitely days where I found myself working late into the night on a project for the company completely blowing through plans I had made with friends and on the flip side I had family events that came up last minute that I could not miss making it so that I missed an important company event. I realized quickly though that finding this balance between internship and life was never going to be perfect but thankfully I pulled from my experience of working a more than full time job to give me a good start and the rest I had to fake it until i made it work. Moving on though I feel like I was able to get a pretty good balance of life and work combined with an enourmoss amount of growth.

That all being said I am really going to miss all the days working in the intern cave, pounding our heads to try and figure out ways to complete our projects, followed by a must needed few drinks later that night as a group. Since I am still working on eCommerce and warehouse stuff for Bamboo I still get to see all of the staff so I don’t miss them quite yet but I know once I move on from Bamboo Skateboards I will miss this office a ton.

What is next you may ask and well its pretty simple, scour malakye.com for all companies’ postings, in fact resumes are already being sent to every company with an opening that I feel I could excel at. Fingers crossed that I make the cut and am able to show off my interviewing skills!!

As I close this post and say farewell I have to thank Mark, Jackie, Geoff, Wyatt and all the other Interns (Alex, Sean, Jonathan and Ashley) for making these last 4 months ones that I will never forget!

Hello world! It seems like every week is so packed with stuff to do it is insane. We just finished up our Midterm and I think we are all super stoked on how we did. It was a lot of prep work, but it all paid off. Last week we put in a bunch of hours trying to work as a team and come to consensus on our answers. Of course, we strayed a bit off track the first try, but we were able to stay focused and eventually came to consensus with our methods and our answers. I feel like this Midterm was set up really cool. It really helps you understand the financial and numbers side of the business. I’ve taken a couple accounting classes before, but they had little translation to this project. I like how there were two different factories with two different sets of variables that we had to calculate and compare. I felt like I was making real life business decisions and forecasts.


Just yesterday Mark, Thane and I went down to San Diego’s CW 6 for their San Diego Living segment. We joined a couple of other companies who will be attending the Cardiff Surf Classic this Saturday. Before we went on I asked the group if I could put on the Panda suit and get in their shot, and they were all about it! I was super stoked because I got to give the reporter a big panda hug. Then we did our segment, and Mark killed it. He pitched all of the cool stuff we have going on with iRide, Eqo Optics, the trophies and everything. Then, I asked the producer if we could get the Panda in the studio, and they were all about it! The woman reporter couldn’t stop laughing when as she posed like she was having a serious interview. It was great. Overall, the event was a tremendous success.

Now, we are getting all set up for our event at the Cardiff Surf Classic this Saturday. We have our kicker ramp all spray painted up, we have our obstacle course planned out, and Sean is finishing up spray painting the tarp wave that we are bringing down.  It has been quite an eventful week and I look forward to the event this weekend!




It’s the last week of the internship and it’s a little sad. I have made some amazing friends that I know will be friends for life. We have all worked so hard to reach our goals that it’s a little bittersweet that it’s all coming to an end.

Right now, we are focusing all of our time trying to reach our goals and get the product for the Intern Fundraiser ready. There is SO much stuff it’s insane! We were able to get so many donations that I’m pretty sure anyone who buys a raffle ticket will walk away with something. I’m hoping to CRUSH last semesters earnings of $1,000. With the amount of product and their worth I think we can expect to surpass 1k. Gavin just sent an email out to everyone that Malakye is tweeting about our event! That’s HUGE!! I am really excited for Thursday.

On top of getting everything organized we are also gearing up for the event at SDSU on Thursday. Tameka was able to get us into the Eco Fest down there. We are hoping to sell some decks and get the word about the fundraiser out to everyone there.

Also, last week Jamie and I had to pick the winner of the OSF design contest. It was SO HARD!!! I can’t even believe how amazing those students’ designs were. Here are the winners:

1st place: Faline

 2nd Place: Alyssa

3rd Place: Alex

This was by far the best year yet. Every single design was amazing. The kids at OSF have so much talent. I guarantee you will be seeing their names again.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t learned anything from my time here at BambooSK8. This internship has definitely pushed me to my limits. I know more about the inter workings of a business better than I ever have before. I learned how connected each position within the company relates to one another and drives results. All of those topics are important to know and understand, but what I learned most was about myself. I have pushed myself to become better. To be happier, more courageous, to understand when to take emotion out of situations and most importantly, how to be more positive. I have to say that I came into this internship with the hope to fine tune and obtain quantitative data for my resume, and I did get those things, but the most important thing I will take away from this experience is how to become a better me.

So thank you to everyone at BambooSK8 for being so amazing these past 4 months!!! I can’t wait to send everyone off the right way at the Intern Fundraiser. FIREBALLS FOR EVERYONE!


This is so bittersweet…We are almost done with the internship! Seriously, at times I wanted to pull my hair out because this internship is not for the faint of heart. However, I am thankful for the staff at BambooSK8 for allowing me to be apart of the first out of state intern group. Alissa, David, Gabe, Michelle and I are pioneers…or guinea pigs 🙂 Either way, this was an experience that has taught me so much about, time management, goal setting, negotiating and how great this company is. I have never been pushed so much in my life but I’m stoked to know how much I can do and that I can handle more.

I have had tons of help with coordinating my events, especially since I have been setting up events in California…. from Illinois!! Crazy right?!! I appreciate all those who got to the events and educated people about BambooSK8 and got phone numbers ( I wont say any names…DAVID!) and for those who kicked butt and got tons on donations for our intern fundraiser event on April 26th. I appreciate you guys!! This week, will be full of finalizing details for events, helping organize literature for the incoming cycle of interns and mock interviews with GK.

Almost done!!Woo!! Bring it on!!! Initiating game face sequence!!

<—– This is her game face





Catcha Later,


T-minus 9 days until in back in Cali and 10 days until the intern event…You’re invited!!!!

april 26th flyer with bands   <———— Click this!!!


All I can say about this week is that it has been BANANAS! ( Is it bad that I hear Gwen Stefani in my head every time I spell that word?) We have all been in study mode getting ready to take the midterm which I must say was  brutal!

Just a side note for the interns after us….STUDY STUDY STUDY and help each other out as much as you can! It taught me a lot cash flow statements, shipping, revenue and all things accounting. While I’ll be the first one to admit that I am sorta of a information junkie (or nerd whichever you prefer) who wants to learn everything, I’m glad I was introduced to it all and glad the midterm is OVER!! Whew!

I got to spend a week at home in San Diego with my mom and family which was pretty awesome and I totally needed a break from the cold weather in Illinois. I, also, got the chance to stop by the BambooSK8 office in Oceanside and meet my Oside fam!  Jessi ( who btw is the internet queen of the world and freaking hilarious) and Jamie (who is equally as funny and has been a huge help to me ) were there hanging out in the intern cave/dungeon/ coldest place on earth. It was really cool to get a chance to meet them outside of Skype calls. P.S. Geoff C is one of the busiest people ever and he has media gadgets galore. He keeps saying hes going to make a sweet “Rambo Media BELT” to accommodate for his “iArensal.” I was expecting to see if when I got there but sadly, there was no belt and I think I cried a little. 🙂

While I am on the topic, can I just say that ALISSA,GAVIN, GABE,DAVID, MICHELLE, JESSI and JAMIE are on top of their game! I am proud to be apart of a team that is so well rounded, creative and determined. Everyone brings something different to the table and  I appreciate all of you! Keep up the good work guys!!

So whats next? Well, Ive been doing a ton of PR work…talking to event coordinators, booking bands for events, creating events for BambooSK8 and Bamboo Buddy to attend and getting our name into as many publications as I can. I must say I DIG it! I love everything about what I am doing right now! I’m looking to continue doing public relations within the action sports industry. (Wink Wink)

I am pretty stoked about what I have learned so far in this internship and how much it applies to every aspect of life.  We are currently working out the details of hosting a fundraiser event that will be held during Earth Week! There’s talk of a Panda Suit….at some point during the night….I will probably be in it!!! LOL

Also,  I will be attending my first event for BambooSK8 in Milwaukee at the end of March!  Alissa and I will be ‘boo swaggin” it out at the Ride the Beat tour hosted by Bam Margera!  If your in the area, we’d love to meet you!

Now that I’m back in cold Midwest, I guess I’ll bundle up…..IN MY ONEZIE PAJAMAS!!





or just hangout in the dryer and watch some tv





Catcha later,


Well, ladies and gents, this internship is moving right along and its really an eye opener. Seriously, I have been looking at details more than I ever have and organizing my time….well trying to anyways. Normally, we get free range of our blogs and what we would like to share with our readers. Hence, all the goofy pictures of me on my boards.  You know what? Being in the action sport industry as an intern, isn’t all skateboards and competitions, it a lot of business. I can say that I have learned a lot about business in a short amount of time.

Firstly, I am learning to receive constructive feedback.  Lets be honest, no one wants to be told that they are wrong. Since we are being honest, I used to have this bad. Ugh, my pride would get me into SO much trouble!! You couldn’t tell me anything! Needless to say, I was humbled over and over again until that pride thing was broken. Now, I’m not saying that it doesn’t make a cameo every now and again. The difference is, is that I don’t let it win. Business is something that is fairly new to me. You have to have a very thick skin  to be in  business and sometimes you will be given feedback that you don’t want to hear. Believe me, I know!

Ultimately, the feedback isn’t intended to make you cry or upset you but it does. The trick is to turn it into something positive. Take that feedback and implement it into your life or your career. It will make you a better person and employee if you let it.  But of course, you have to let it.

Overall this internship is a learning experience that can be applied to my life. This is new territory, new industry and responsibilities. I am surrounded by intelligent, focused people who are very efficient and love what they do. I love it! It challenges me to step up to the plate and chart this uncharted territory. I’m stoked on it!! I live in a very small town where the stars are insanely bright but  not everyone is  reaching for them. I want to reach for them, I am reaching for them. I am motivated and driven to do the best that I can to become a better person and a better employee. BambooSk8 is an amazing company and I will do everything i can to spread the word  about  what they stand for.


This week in the cold I caught up on some Netflix….. oh yea, they DO have shark week….STOKED!!


and….made a new friend……

Hurry up, summer! Winter is so hurtful and mean!!



Catcha later,



Hello Hello!!
It is week 4 of this internship and it is flying by. There have been a lot of things to do but it’s totally worth it! I can’t get over how much I have learned so far! I’m still pretty stoked about being an intern! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been doing a lot of PR work for BambooSK8!  We are given goals or commitments to reach per week and let me tell ya, it’s an eye opener! I’m learning to manage my time better and that “the devil is in the details.”   Yet in still, it’s awesome!  I love that I get to spread the word about these products to everyone I see, call and email.  Lately, I’ve been contacting different festivals, eco events and magazines that BambooSK8 can be a part of. Time to represent!! 

Oh! how could I forget the Greenwashed Music Ritual? Curious huh? Well…

The Green Washed Ritual II digital music compilation features 10 amazing artists from around the world who have kindly donated one song each to promote sustainability.  For every purchase on the BambooSK8 website, you will receive via email an access code for all 10 songs upon completion of the shopping cart purchase.  As a bonus, you will also get the 20 songs from the first GWR compilation.  Pretty stellar, right?!?!  I mean, who doesn’t like music?

Show some love for these awesome bands by letting your friends know who you are listening to and purchase the bands music!!

With everything going on, I did steal some time to skate a bit….

      to do some luging? 


and sing “With or Without You” by U2 to a lady at work….note the pen microphone! LOL

  She was diggin it!!!

I think overall all of us interns are developing strategies to meet our goals and represent for BambooSK8 in the way should! And we will!! It’ll be really cool to see what the next couple of weeks will bring and what I will learn from this company, my mentors and from the other interns! I’m expecting the best in every situation.

By the way, you want to do your good deed for the day?

“Like” us on FB:   www.facebook.com/BambooSk8

Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/BambooSK8

Check out the Greenwashed music Ritual:    www.bamboosk8.com/misc/music.php

And last but certainly not  least, buy a bamboo board! Save a tree. Skate green!

Thanks in Advance!!







Hello all! My name is Jessi, and I am very excited about being apart of BambooSk8’s 12th internship class. I grew up in beautiful Encinitas California. I am also fortunate to have spent most of my childhood and summers in Jackson Hole Wyoming. So I have had a lot of diversity when it comes to outdoor activities. I LOVE to fish, camp, snowboard, swim and travel. I actually just spend a week in Cabo San Lucas with some pretty awesome friends…

Anyway…The question of the year seems to be what do you do now that you are out of college? To which I answer, I supplement my surgical consulting job with an internship at Bamboosk8. Then I am usually hit with, “Why an internship?”  Well….let me tell you. Having just graduated from Cal State San Marcos (WOOHOOO) I needed a job! However, if you aren’t aware by now, obtaining a super awesome 9-5 that can pay your bills has seemingly joined the ranks of mythical creatures by being IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND! Even though my resume is pretty solid from years of hard work to put myself through college, it is a bit scattered. This didn’t help my job-hunt. So, I thought that finding a credible internship where I can get actual experience and help fine-tune my resume is just what I needed.


I found the internship opportunity online at Malakye. Before I applied I looked over their website and found what I was looking for. I wasn’t going to be filing documents and taking out the trash like normal internships can consist of. I was actually going to be apart of projects! Setting and reaching goals, and creating a track record! And lets face it…being able to track your progress and prove that you did something is just what is needed these days to get you ahead in this 2012 rat race.

So. Once I got the internship I started my orientation week. I felt that I was back in college! There are numerous deadlines that I will be accounted for. Documents due every week, and weekly meetings to make sure I can still keep my head above water. But let me tell you!!! I couldn’t be happier! I’m meeting awesome people, getting awesome life lessons, and living my life post college!

Here are some photo’s of my recent trip to Cabo.

The ASR experience was something I will never forget.  I have been to the show before but this was the first show where I felt like I actually belonged and served a purpose. Other times I had been there under some other alias, or at the job fair, but it was never this productive.  The first day was spent spreading the word of Bamboo as an alternative and superior product to maple.  Kids and other buyers that stopped by the booth were well aware of who we were and seemed very interested in our skate decks.  I spent a lot of time networking and talking to kids about our products.  It was really special to see that kids were well aware of our products and why purchasing our decks, as compared to maple, directly effected the environment.  To hear a kid tell me “bamboo grows three feet a day and has more pop than maple”, that was something else.  Its just a great feeling to know that part of our younger generation is aware of sustainability and its importance for generations to come.  By the end of the first day our company was lucky enough to land a spot on Fox News San Diego and I went home and watched it that night on the 10 o’ clock news.  It was a great story about how companies in the Action Sports Industry are going green and using environmentally-friendly products.  It set the stage for the days to come and created a buzz about BambooSK8 around ASR.  BambooSK8 is one of those companies at the forefront and I am proud to be a part of that.

There was plenty of entertainment and eye-candy throughout the weekend.  One of the highlights of the event was probably the Volcom skate ramp.  It was fun watching groms destroy it and old school skaters trying to hang.  One kid that definitely stuck out was Little Louie Lopez.  Its hard to keep up with the skate scene these days with all these young guns coming up.  The trick that stuck in my mind was a gap to frontside krooks down and across a good portion of the ramp.  Freakin’ Groms!  One other highlight was the first ever Office Boyz skate contest.  Its a contest put on by Malakye that involves desk jockey’s and employees from around the Actions Sports Industry.  You would be surprised at the level of skating by the people who sit behind a computer all day and  work in this industry.  Do they really work all day? I think they are taking way too many skate breaks.

Overall ASR was a great experience and our team of interns did a great job.  People were even asking for our decks when we were loading up the truck in the parking lot.  I would say it was a success for BambooSK8. Way to go team!

Peace out.

I’ve either been actively skateboarding, BMXing, aggressive inline skating, body boarding, or snowboarding since I was 5 years old. Action sports have always played a major role in my personal life and recently I have made the decision to make it part of my professional life as well.

I was at the midpoint of my MBA program and I thought it would be a good idea to start getting some contacts within the industry, especially since I did not have any prior professional experience within the action sports arena. I was already pretty busy with another real estate internship, school and other side projects so I wasn’t really sure how I was going to fit in an additional job into my schedule. I came across the BambooSK8 job posting on Malakye and I thought it was almost too good to be true. They offered experience that I needed within the action sports industry and they only required interns to come into the office once a week. So, I submitted my resume, interviewed with Geoff, and my first day was the following week.

Within the first few sessions, Geoff had each of us interns set goals for ourselves in regards to what we would like to achieve for the company and what we would like to attain on a personal level. He encouraged us to work together and help one another to accomplish their goals. He also put forth an additional effort to tailor responsibilities in a way that would set us up for success. Since I didn’t have any prior action sports industry experience, one of my goals was to learn as much as possible about the intricacies of the industry. Geoff did a tremendous job at showing me the ins and outs of the industry and how I need to position myself if I want to be a successful player.

I have to admit, this internship is definitely atypical when compared to my previous internships. First of all, I come from mostly a corporate background and now being able to wear shorts and a tshirt into work is the most epic thing ever. Being able to come in at 10a.m. is probably just as awesome. Secondly, Geoff Koboldt, the President, gave me the opportunity to really be involved in many of the inner workings of the business and be a part of decisions that directly affect the livelihood of their company. For a President of a company to show that level of trust and respect for an intern is definitely uncommon.

The journey over the past 3 months has been amazing. The time intensity was higher than what I had originally anticipated and only coming into the office once a week quickly turned into working from home on a daily basis. There were several sleepless nights and long weekends but I must say that it has definitely been worthwhile.