We are a little past the half way point with our internship program and just completed our midterm!  The midterm was based off creating the financial statements for a company including the income statement and cash flow on an Excel spreadsheet, along with answering cognitive short answer questions about business decisions, such as which third party vendor to work with when comparing two.

Long story short, the midterm challenged me in every way.  Not only had my brain already mentally checked out of school mode after graduating from LMU in May, but forced me to relearn and touch up on my Excel skills that I haven’t used since my business computer classes.  (One of my LEAST favorite classes throughout college; almost as painful as accounting).

Although the midterm did challenge me, it allowed me to take away things I had not known about small businesses, such as warehouse logistics.  Since this is my first time in this type of setting I was able to understand when to order shipments, the type of payments you make throughout the transaction, and what companies compare when looking at two third parties when choosing one to work with.  Although tests are typically no bueno in my book, this midterm did help in areas I did not think it would.

Have you even been stuck on rocky embankment, and the only way to get to safety was to climb through thorn bushes? Have you even been caught unexpectedly in a snowstorm without a jacket and had to walk 2 miles to warmth? There are times in life that you just have to sack up and provide results.

For me, this week’s schedule felt like one of those moments. Having only a very limited number of hours in a day makes it difficult to find even time to sleep. While I used to plan out my days in hours, planning now comes in durations of minutes and seconds. Time management is possibly the most important thing that this internship has taught me. By sacking up and waking up every weekday at 5am and moving nonstop until approximately around 11pm.

At times similar to that of being caught in a snowstorm or stranded on a ledge embankment, autopilot takes over and you do what is only absolutely necessary at the time. While this is a skill I have recently acquired, it is one that should have been practiced many times before.  One can say that my situation is much like being stuck on a ledge outcropping without a rope or in a snowstorm without a jacket. The morale of the story is to do whatever it takes to get through the situation and make sure to be better prepared next time.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but I beg to differ. I’d say time flies when you don’t have any time to think about it. The internship is now into week 7 and during this entire internship I’ve been holding down a full time job that requires 45-48 hours of work a week. Add that on top of the average 28-32 hours on the internship workload and that puts me at breaking around 73-80hrs a week of work! How can I do it you ask? Exercise, eating healthy, rest, and the thought of completing a challenging task, but ultimately it’s a craptone of caffeine that gets me through the day.

Unfortunately, at times even while doing these things I feel guilty about not working on some paper or spreadsheet, and think about how quickly and easy it is to fall behind. However, this feeling ultimately motivates me and allows a sense of accomplishment. Can I balance it all? Can I get a raise at work, and be one of the best interns all at the same time?

One phrase that I can most definitely agree upon: you only get out as much as you put in. That’s why I’m going to use my any free time off to study, research, update and repeat.  Friends, and fun can wait for a little bit longer and some would be miserable in a similar situation. But I have a very simple quote for those people:

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”
Wayne Dyer

Let’s do this…


Hello world! It seems like every week is so packed with stuff to do it is insane. We just finished up our Midterm and I think we are all super stoked on how we did. It was a lot of prep work, but it all paid off. Last week we put in a bunch of hours trying to work as a team and come to consensus on our answers. Of course, we strayed a bit off track the first try, but we were able to stay focused and eventually came to consensus with our methods and our answers. I feel like this Midterm was set up really cool. It really helps you understand the financial and numbers side of the business. I’ve taken a couple accounting classes before, but they had little translation to this project. I like how there were two different factories with two different sets of variables that we had to calculate and compare. I felt like I was making real life business decisions and forecasts.


Just yesterday Mark, Thane and I went down to San Diego’s CW 6 for their San Diego Living segment. We joined a couple of other companies who will be attending the Cardiff Surf Classic this Saturday. Before we went on I asked the group if I could put on the Panda suit and get in their shot, and they were all about it! I was super stoked because I got to give the reporter a big panda hug. Then we did our segment, and Mark killed it. He pitched all of the cool stuff we have going on with iRide, Eqo Optics, the trophies and everything. Then, I asked the producer if we could get the Panda in the studio, and they were all about it! The woman reporter couldn’t stop laughing when as she posed like she was having a serious interview. It was great. Overall, the event was a tremendous success.

Now, we are getting all set up for our event at the Cardiff Surf Classic this Saturday. We have our kicker ramp all spray painted up, we have our obstacle course planned out, and Sean is finishing up spray painting the tarp wave that we are bringing down.  It has been quite an eventful week and I look forward to the event this weekend!



What a crazy last 2 weeks. I started working parttime in the office last week helping Mark with order shipping and inventory organization stuff which has been pretty awesome but man has it been time consuming. Between that and the actual internship my two weeks has gone by way too quickly and has left me wishing it was not already Friday.

This week or big project was a mock midterm (aka our midterm prep) and it hit us strong and hard. As a team we worked almost the entirety of yesterday in the cave going over all the nitty gritty details and helping each other out of some tough situations. Lets just say that I feel a lot better about the actual midterm in a few weeks. Lucky I am pretty comfortable with Excel because there was some crazy work being done!!

Other than the midterm I also sent the whole team to the finals of the RSSS event in Pacific Beach. Originally I was going to attend but something came up last minute and I had to back out. From what I have heard, the pictures that I have seen, and the number of boards they sold on the beach the event was a great time had by all. I am still working on securing us more events all the time and can’t wait for our next one.

Im going to keep this weeks blog short but to all you future interns out there don’t be afraid of taking the risk. All the hard work I have put in thus far has been very worth it. Each week that I complete brings me one week closer to the end and one week closer to a new beginning.


This internship is incredibly fun yet challenging at the same time. We just got passed our midterm exam this week! Income statements, cash flows, gross profit margins! Sounds like Accounting101 right? I know this isn’t supposed to be school, but the concepts covered in this exam (which are continually built upon in everything we do is truly valuable to running a business) sure makes it seem like it!


Beyond all the hard work put into this internship, I have to say that working in the action sports industry is definitely as cool as I pictured it. The people are awesome, from the interns and mentors at BambooSK8, to all the shop owners and industry leaders I have met throughout this experience. People working in this industry work here for a reason, because they love what they do! The love for what they do is reflected in the amount of dedication and professionalism that each one of them puts into their work. Looking forward to the 2nd half!

Just Another Day in the Office!

THIS WEEK WAS INSANE!!!!!! I think I heard a collective sigh of relief from all the interns once the midterm was completed. I don’t know about anyone else, but I took a couple of shots of Jameson to take the edge off after that exam. It may have been very difficult, but the knowledge I gained from the experience was undeniable. I will carry this information with me throughout my career for sure.

Now, on to the good stuff. The marketing team and myself have really been working hard at reaching our numbers lately. We have lined up a lot of contests for Facebook, Hookit, and Twitter. All of this has been with the help of BambooSk8’s graphic guru Jackie! Without her, our contest flyers would look pretty busted. David has utilized a program that will automatically post to Twitter, so he is really moving on that end! I was able to get the new Facebook Reveal Tab added to Google Analytics so we are seriously moving on our goals!

On top of all the awesomeness that is just exuding from the interns, a few of us in office interns got to meet TAMEKA! She came into town and hung out with us in the cave. It was awesome to put a face to all those emails! The next intern scheduled to visit us Oside Riders is Alissa. She better get her game face on for beer pong!

Till Next Time!


The internship is halfway through and I have been learning a lot about what goes on at BambooSK8. This past week was fun because we finally got a keg in the intern cave. Geoff, Nate, and I were a little worried about what to get, but everyone has been happy with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Last night was also fun because the office got to support Nate at his RAW Artists event at the Ivy night club. It was a great event with an eclectic group of artists.

I know I’ve been talking about trick tips coming out, but Nate has been swamped getting the new skate team together. Next week it’s going down though I promise! The new and improved team will consist of Nick Sauls, David Kahn, and Terrence Marshall riding flow. Matt Cartledge, Ryan Strader, and Mikee Brown will be the AM skaters. I have to study up for the midterm next week, wish me luck!