Bambooskies! Hello, we are now at the end of week 2and my my my things have been Bambooming (see what I did there?)…Bad joke.  One thing for sure is that I feel a tad bit less stressed than the previous week, however I’m sure that will change soon enough!

This week I feel like I’m starting to get on the right track and ‘skate’ around easier through all of the files that we deal with on a daily basis here at Bamboo. Since I am part of the marketing team, I have also gotten the opportunity to design some things to post which is always exciting when you get over 100 ‘likes’ on something that you made, which also benefits everyone else as well!  Week 2 moving on, I have also came to terms with living on Pacific Time when I’m living in Ohio…Crazy I know.

During week 2, I learned about a very important aspect in business called Lean Six Sigma. When Geoff mentioned this approach, I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. After our chat, I decided to learn more about this Six Sigmajigger he mentioned, and this is what I learned.

Lean Six Sigma:

When we talk about getting lean it is usually in regards to losing excess weight and strengthening a new body that is lighter and capable of doing more in an efficient way. The same principle applies when Lean Six Sigma methods are applied to business operations in the area of business management strategies. Simply put, this process is all about cost reduction and increased profits.

“A management approach for problem solving and process improvement based on a combination of the different tools of Six Sigma Manufacturing.”

 Lean Goals

  • Lean focuses on eliminating waste from processes and increasing process speed by focusing on what customers actually consider quality, and working back from that.

Six Sigma Goals

  • Six Sigma aims to eliminate process variation and make process improvements based on the customer definition of quality, and by measuring process performance and process change effects.


  • Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain

Anyhow, I can’t wait for the next few weeks to come by so I can continue learning and also soon enough get a deck or two sent to me here in Ohio, so I can officially go out into the world and spread the Bamboo pride with an actual board!

Until week 3 guys!


It’s week 3 and the internship has already flown by! Being part of the marketing team and always looking for new pictures, I decided to explore and get my own shots in Japan Town, Los Angeles. It was awesome crusin’ around and seeing awesome graffiti, bridge views, metro rides, experimenting with a camera, and good eats. What better way to spend my day? This is one reason why this internship has been awesome. By being able to see all the departments work within the company, you get to be a lot more hands on and learn from multiple people.

But back to J-town. Everyone should definitely stay tuned after our editing and check out some of the shots we were able to get on our social media pages: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (Also, if you’ve got a shot you think should be featured on our sites, tag us and you could be!) J-town offered so many great shots like full wall murals and colorful lettering. We also stumbled across an awesome rotating sushi bar that I think Boodha, the Panda, would love. Probably misses the home-like food. After spending a day out exploring for cool shots I am excited to go with other interns and get some more promo shots, possibly at the beach?

Excited to go into week 4 and see what awesome ideas, events, and people I’ll meet. Stay tuned 🙂

Well our intern class officially graduated a few weeks ago but due to an overwhelming amount of applications I have been sending out it seems that I forgot to write a final blog.

The last 4 months have been such an amazing experience for me not just educationally but I came out of it with some amazing new friends and incredible memories. Whether in the office or out of the office Class 14 tore it up and enjoyed every moment we could. I know I personally learned a lot about time management, the intracies of business accounting (I know there is still a ton to learn but personally I will probably avoid the nitty gritty of it) and a ton of new tactics for social marketing. I must say though the biggest of them all is that I learned just how much I like about combining my love for creativity with my skills with lots and lots of data. Marketing, PR and Sales all utilize so many unique creative approaches that when we are in the trenches working through we forget that all these approaches have tons upon tons of data backing them up and if they don’t already we should start tracking it in order to show how effective our new idea truly was.

Other than knowledge learned and good times the internship did serve a nice little beating to my outside life. There were definitely days where I found myself working late into the night on a project for the company completely blowing through plans I had made with friends and on the flip side I had family events that came up last minute that I could not miss making it so that I missed an important company event. I realized quickly though that finding this balance between internship and life was never going to be perfect but thankfully I pulled from my experience of working a more than full time job to give me a good start and the rest I had to fake it until i made it work. Moving on though I feel like I was able to get a pretty good balance of life and work combined with an enourmoss amount of growth.

That all being said I am really going to miss all the days working in the intern cave, pounding our heads to try and figure out ways to complete our projects, followed by a must needed few drinks later that night as a group. Since I am still working on eCommerce and warehouse stuff for Bamboo I still get to see all of the staff so I don’t miss them quite yet but I know once I move on from Bamboo Skateboards I will miss this office a ton.

What is next you may ask and well its pretty simple, scour for all companies’ postings, in fact resumes are already being sent to every company with an opening that I feel I could excel at. Fingers crossed that I make the cut and am able to show off my interviewing skills!!

As I close this post and say farewell I have to thank Mark, Jackie, Geoff, Wyatt and all the other Interns (Alex, Sean, Jonathan and Ashley) for making these last 4 months ones that I will never forget!

What an insainely fun and intense 2 weeks this has been here at Bamboo Skateboards. I will try to recap everything for you but I guarentee I am forgetting something.

First we will start with the Intern assignments and to start that off lets talk about the final! I am so happy to have made it this far in this intense program and I really did NOT want to take that final. I worked all day in the warehouse, got home, got a terrible headache, grabbed some pills, and dove in. This was crazy, all the prep we had done during prior weeks, our midterm, the ibeprophin I took, nothing truly prepaired me for what I had in front of me. None-the-less I stuck my headphones in, turned up some music and destroyed that thing. I know I am 10,000xs happier that it is behind me.

Second up is our new priority, Skate Shop Research, and it has really been going well. We have all been flying through our given regions and have almost gotten (what we think is) every skate/surf shop in the United States. Sean and I have been working hard to make sure our account is setup properly and have been transferring all the interns (past and present  findings into it. I think we have all been killing this assignment!

Third big thing is HookIt, we have been working hard as a team to figure out what about HookIt just isn’t working and have come up with some awesome re-structuring to make sure that it works to our full advantage and is really a win-win for all parties involved (BBS, HookIt, our Athletes  and of course you future Interns). Big things from team HookIt!!!

Forth big project we worked on the past few weeks is making sure all of the files we use on a weekly/daily are in perfect condition and are optimized so that when new interns start they have an even easier time than we did with the files. Crazy good work being done on that front and I must say, thank you to all previous classes for giving us a great starting block, and futur classes I sure hope you can keep improving these files for futur classes to come!

OK, on to the fun stuff…….

Green Festival and Fashion Show.

Last Friday most of the intern crew jumped into a few cars and drove up to LA for a huge Green Festival in wich our Bamboo boards were going to shown as a part of an Eco Fashion Show put on by Rebecca Mink. The drive up was horrible, traffic, traffic, traffic, and then we got lost. Once we got there however things turned around and they turned around fast. That first night not much was needed since we showed up a bit later then we had originally hoped to so rather than sit around and do nothing we all went out on the town! And by town I mean the Malibu Inn in Malibu since that was where we were staying for the night. A few (several) rounds of drinks, paper bags, awesome live music, and some truly professional level pool playing and we decided to call it a night and prepare for our long day to follow. The team woke up bright and early, showerd (some of us), brushed teeth, got dressed, and jumped out the door and back into the car for yet another drive to DT LA. We arrived and the fair was already going so we headed straight to our booth to check in. Rebecca was busy taking care of some PR so we wandered around and got a glimpse of some of the booths then in a moment of pure bliss we decided that Boo should probably join us on this stroll. We went back to our room (the models changing and prep room) and woke Boo up from his nap so he could say hi to his soon to be fans. Wandering around Boo took loads of pictures, practiced a little yoga, and even voted for some pretty cool city art programs, then it was back to the room for him to nap a bit more. During the down town a few of us dissapeared and we later found out they were busy getting some awesome massages FOR FREE!!! At this point the models were in the room, clothing, hair, and makeup was flying everywhere as the designers prepped their lines, makeup and hair artists prepped the models, and interns made sure there was plenty of water to keep everyone happy. Faster than we knew it was time for the show, we guided a long train of models and garmet racks behind the main stage and got everyone into position. A slight change in music and off they went, one after another they hit that runway. After the runway they jumped back into the backstage area, threw off one set of clothing and magically through on another set and off again to that runway. In what seemed like 5 minutes top the fashion show was over, later we were told that it was almost 30 minutes long and to be honest none of us would have guessed that. We quickly cleared out the backstage area and headed back to our room, a lot of goodbyes to all the amazing models we worked with that day, farewells to the designers and artists, and of course a ton of groups pictures and big thank yous to our awesome host Rebecca. After that it was back in the car for our long drive back to SD and the end of an epic event.

Black Friday!

Well today is that day well known as Black Friday, the friday after thanksgiving, the unholy day of rediculous sales and people waiting in line at midnight the night before to get them deals! We worked hard all week (and by we I mean Mark did some awesome PR work and we just did what he told us to do) prepping our big BF sale as well as got ready to share the awesome clip of us on the Today Show the morning of. In a few short hours after our spot on TV our sale was flying off the shelf and we were all so extremely stoked to be seeing BBS spread to all these new people and fans!

Cyber Monday

In the same fashion as BF the staff over at BBS with the help of us interns setup some amazing deals for next week that should keep people flocking to our online shop and hopefully lead us to land several big skate shops in the near future.

Thanks Giving

Yes I know I am going a little out of order now but I wanted to save this for my parting note. This year (as I have done for many years) I drove up to San Luis Obispo to be with a few of my friends on this wonderful day of glutony. Food was plentiful, drinks were ever flowing, and I feel like I gained a good 10-20 pounds in those 3 or 4 “servings” I injested. The thing I love most about the gathering of friends is that no matter who you are, where you are, wether you are with family or friends there is really nothing better than a group meal to warm you up and get that pep back in your step.

Until next time, Happy Holidays and go skate!!!

We are just now wrapping up our 10th week as an Intern team. All of us live in the area now so our in office work days are truly a blast. Come to think of it now that we are all in town I think its about time for us to have some team building fun!! More about that in my next post hopefully.

Personally the last two weeks were pretty hard. I spent the entirety of week 9 up in NorCal (where I am originally from) with my family and had to work remotely. That being said I do not envy any intern that ever has or ever will work remotly, it is not as fun as working in office, I spent most the week feeling as though I was missing out on all the amaizing and awesome things that were happening in office without me. Plus, to make it even worse, Geoff decided that while I was gone it would be a perfect time for him to swing by and say hi to the crew (obviously myself excluded).

On a more positive note this week has been a lot of fun. Mark has been working hard at landing us some pretty awesome PR (more to come in later posts I am sure) and on Wednesday Jonathan, Mark, and I spent a good solid 5 hours picking up shortboard trucks, finding the best of the best shortboards, gripping them, building them, shrink wrapping, packing, and finally (in the knick of time) pushing them out the door for our trusty UPS man to take them away.

We also had our Mock-Interviews this week and I felt really  onfident with the outcome of mine. I did miss a few keypoints due to the fact that I have never done a Skype interview before but it really was great practice. From what I have been told by friends that now work at amazing companies, Skype interviews happen, they happen often, and more than likely they will happen to you so make sure you practice getting comfortable talking into that little dot on your computer. Practice building a relationship with an image and a dot even though there is no one around (ya that sounds a bit creepy).

We are all super stoked for the upcoming week as we have a fashion show up in LA that we are participating in and most of the team will be heading up there for that. What’s better than beautiful people, eco events, and Bamboo Skateboards!!

Im sorry I don’t have much more to discuss this week but I can promise you that a lot of things are in the works and Bamboo is growing so very very fast!


Well we have done it. We are officially past the halfway point of the internship. I won’t lie to you and tell you its been an easy first half but I will also let you know that it has been such a blast. Our intern class is as close as ever and awaiting the newest member Ashley to finnish her cross country drive so that we can have our “team building” event together!!

Last few weeks I have had less time for Bamboo Skateboards, last weekend I was Best Man at a good friends wedding way up in the boondocks of NorCal and brought back exaustion and lost work time. While I wouldnt have changed anything about my trip I must admit my body still hates me a bit.

We all turned in our midterms this week and everyone killed it!! All that preperation really paid off for our team and I couldnt be prouder of all of us. We have also tweaked things around a bit to focus our goals on a bigger picture and to spread Bamboo across these United States. If you have a shop you want to see us in please feel free to harras us and we will get it done.

On a lighter note we were on the news!! Our fearless leader Mark was on the news a few days ago to help promote the Cardiff Classic tomorrow and Jonathan and I were there dressed as our Panda mascot Boo. If you live in San Diego you may have seen us on around 9:00am on Channel 6 SD. There were 2 segments, one about a museum and their haunted house style events and another about the Classic. Jonathan took care of the first segment jumping around and dancing in the background giving everyone there a good hard laugh and I followed with our segment hanging out with Mark. After filming they let me run into the studio and attempt to interrupt another segment but alas I just missed it. No worries though the two anchors were so stoked on the costume that they took photos with me in their chairs talking to them and the even let me film a promo with Kristen (the female of the duo). All and all it was a pretty awesome day for all of us, especially Boo!

Tomorrow is the annual Cardiff Surf Classic & Green Beach Fair here in Cardiff by the Sea and I am stoked. We have been working on painting a BA tarp for tarp surfing, a kicker for a skateboarding obstacle course, and priming Boo for his next big appearance see he co-anchored the news with Kristen Xetv of Channel 6 News here in San Diego. Be sure to make it out tomorrow and say hi as we melt in the sun, weather channel says its going to be an amazing 84 out so you really have no excuse not to make it.

Week 10! 6 weeks from the end.

I once met someone that had the words, “I am my own experience” tattooed across his chest. It intrigued me, and I always thought I knew the meaning of it. I always thought it meant that we become what our past experiences have shaped us to be. However, over the past few weeks, I have come to realize that it might mean something different. Maybe it’s not what we have become, but rather, who we choose to be. I am my own experience. I choose my experience, I shape my future, I am a reflection of my choices, and I have to power to give myself limitations, or set the standard. I have chosen this internship to challenge myself and to give myself an entrance into the action sports industry. Thus far, I have been met with challenge after challenge, which constantly tests my limit. My work is a reflection of myself and I choose what this reflection is. Now I realize that I am shaping my experiences to exceed my limit, and push past my comfort zone. In return, my experience is shaping who I am, and who I will become. I am my own experience is the act of utilizing your experiences to shape who you will be.

To those who are considering taking this internship, let me tell you that it is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging and will test your limits in every sense of the word. You, like many of the interns, will not have much of a life for 16 weeks. However, you will be taking a step towards the greater good of your career and your individuality. You will learn more about yourself in 16 weeks than you might have learned in the past 5 years. You are creating your own experience, and are therefore, allowing your experience to shape you. It’s a test and a challenge, but if you’re up to it, you have nothing to lose.


Congrats to everyone who has made it half way! It’s been a huge struggle, but with every struggle, comes a test of our character, work ethic, and boundaries. I have far exceeded what I thought I was capable of accomplishing, and been pushed way past my limits.

The saying “it’s all downhill from here” doesn’t really apply to this internship (for those of you considering doing it). It’s a constant challenge, and even though we’re half way there, things are continuing to get more challenging. Goals to meet, events to plan, decks to sell.

However, we are all becoming a team more and more. Better and more effective communication has been key. We are figuring out not only our own strengths and weaknesses, but also that of our co-interns, as we build and grow off each other. We are slowly creating a fit among the team, to where I can finally say that I feel like we are contributing to BambooSK8 as a whole.

This is our chance to really create ourselves. Through success or failure, this has been a huge learning experience for us, and I’ve made some great friends in the process.

Long live the boo crew!

It’s week 6 and the pace is picking up. It seems we have hit the top as far as being familiar with these intern processes. Of course there is always room for learning more, but for the most part, this seems more routine as we delve deeper into this program. Things are moving along quickly and going from the first event I worked to the next, which is already tomorrow. Last Saturday, I worked the YMCA mini-ramp competition in Encinitas with our videographer Ryan Rullman. Be sure to check out his work on and on Vimeo! The event was full of eager little groms who loved BambooSK8’s presence as well as our stickers. These kids were killing it and shredding up the mini ramp. It’s always a pleasure to see these kids have fun but still skate really well. In a way, it reminds me of myself growing up and skating with the crew. It’s important to remember that these kids are the future of skateboarding, so don’t be surprised when you see these guys on the cover of Thrasher and have a full spread in Transworld Mag.

This next event that BambooSK8 will be apart of tomorrow is at the Village Faire in Carlsbad. It’ll be a collection of local businesses and vendors tabling for father’s day. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and check us out, maybe pick up a new deck for your Dad! Also, BambooSK8’s panda will be out there hangin back with us, and I may or may not be the one in that suit.

As far as everything else in this internship, things are going well. We are all gaining more responsibilities and taking on projects to help fine tune BambooSK8’s marketing. BambooSk8 is recognized and has a presence in the skateboarding community, but we’re all hoping to expand this presence over the Summer. Watch out everybody, BambooSK8 is on its way to shifting gears on full throttle, and not stopping for anybody. Coming soon, to a park or shop near you!

It’s week 6 and time is flying by. It seems like last week I was walking into the doors of BambooSK8 for the first time as an intern asking myself “What’s Hookit?” and wondering what the following weeks had in store. Now we’re 2 weeks away from the half way point, and I’m more excited about this experience than ever!

Why you may ask? Although the tasks are piling on, and we’re all stressing out and pushing hard to maximize our points, the reason I’m so excited is for our plans. After all these weeks we finally have some set ideas to put into action. We have some fun contests we’re holding, events we’re attending, and of course, some awesome times to look forward to with my fellow interns and peers.

Things are also getting easier as they continue to get harder. It’s a fine balance, however, I can tell that I’ve been pushing myself past my comfort zone and into that “sweet spot” where I’m maximizing my efficiency and yielding my best results. I’ve not only grown professionally, but also as a person. They say that experience is one of the most beneficial education, and I can wholeheartedly back that up. This is by far one of the best learning experiences I’ve had the chance to obtain.

I’m stoked to be part of the bamboo crew!