With summer approaching quickly, more and more I find myself near the water and in less clothing. But before days are spent in board shorts and flip flops there are some much needed skateboard trips! Last weekend’s event stirred a new desire to be on the road scouting skate spots and parks.  I was fortunate enough to find myself amongst some very inspiring talented skateboarders and enthusiastic spectators. Last Saturday the Carmel Valley skate park hosted the “I ride, I recycle” skateboard contest. Let me begin by stating there was much more to see than just a few power slides and wheelies. I was not only impressed by the caliber of riding, but the diversity of athletes. Not only were competitors of many ability levels, but they were of different sexes, age groups, and skateboarding styles. There was a little bit of everything at this event; it seemed as though even skateboarders that were not in the sanctioned competition were having fun skating in their own competitive contest. At any given time I would look around and see others not only having a great time, but having support from others doing it. It makes me remember weekends when mom would take me to the skate park. Ma didn’t know anything about skateboarding, so I never listened to her tips, you know stupid comments like “keep your head up, or “make sure to keep my feet above the metal thingy’s” it never failed that in less than 10 minutes an older skater would roll up and say “Keep your head up dude”, or “Yo bro, keep your feet over the trucks!”.  Somehow it sunk more when he said it; he was a peer and was understanding. this skateboard event reminded me of All the things that I long for…skate trips to rad parks, skateboarding with a diverse group of athletes, the inspiration from complete strangers that know what they are talking about and a little bit of summer to top it off.


So this last weekend I got to represent Bamboo Skateboards at “Greenfest” which was presented by SDSU’s Associated Students and SDSU’s Enviro-Business Society. It was a weeklong schedule of events which encourage, celebrate, and advocate sustainability and diversity. The purpose of GreenFest was to engage the campus community through social and interactive programs in an effort to educate them on the important of living a sustainable lifestyle and to promote sustainable practices.

Engaging with the students and staff alike, it was evident that SDSU is a campus that is at the forefront of living sustainably. Every vendor that was present was making steps towards revealing ways to improve lifestyle while doing a part of preserving the future. It was not only a great event, but a great venue. For anyone that has not been to the SDSU campus I would recommend visiting for the simple fact of viewing great architecture in a stunning setting.  Awesome art, design, and scenery coupled along with great weather and many like-minded students, sets the tone for becoming educated in both general studies and sustainability at a SDSU a synch. It is no wonder this is a preferred University amongst many students living in Southern California.

While working this event, I informed others about business practices that will not only generate business for Bamboo skateboards, but healthier consumer decisions  on what products leave less of an impact on future generations. Overall, I would say that this was a great success for Bamboo Skateboards and other products/services that promote sustainability!


This internship continues to challenge me all the time. But, there are always some good things that come from pushing yourself. I am now starting to see some of my efforts in sales and PR come to life. The relationships and discussions are in their beginning phases, but I feel like something positive can really come from this. I have been talking with someone from Clutter Magazine, trying to get a PR piece together and get them some of our decks with Clutter graphics on them. I am working with someone who wants to film a video segment with Truth Hurts riders on Bamboo Skateboards. And, the legendary surf shaper, Greg Noll, has a shop in San Clemente that says they would be interested in getting some Greg Noll art on our boards and throw a promo party for the decks. Anyways, I’m just trying to make some stuff happen and it feels good to see some positive outcomes.


While all is moving forward in the PR and sales areas, my points are seriously hurting. I think the biggest challenge for me is just trying to juggle working at my restaurant job, this internship and all my own personal errands. I also find that the 20 hours minimum of straight tasks is a lot of work. Again, my points are my biggest roadblock right now, and as stated above I am really working on my sales and PR to try and bring my points back in the game. I just hope its not too late. That is another challenge, in most companies I believe there is a 90 period where new employees are expected to be training and learning about the company. With this program, you really need to get things rolling at a much more accelerated rate.




What a crazy last 2 weeks. I started working parttime in the office last week helping Mark with order shipping and inventory organization stuff which has been pretty awesome but man has it been time consuming. Between that and the actual internship my two weeks has gone by way too quickly and has left me wishing it was not already Friday.

This week or big project was a mock midterm (aka our midterm prep) and it hit us strong and hard. As a team we worked almost the entirety of yesterday in the cave going over all the nitty gritty details and helping each other out of some tough situations. Lets just say that I feel a lot better about the actual midterm in a few weeks. Lucky I am pretty comfortable with Excel because there was some crazy work being done!!

Other than the midterm I also sent the whole team to the finals of the RSSS event in Pacific Beach. Originally I was going to attend but something came up last minute and I had to back out. From what I have heard, the pictures that I have seen, and the number of boards they sold on the beach the event was a great time had by all. I am still working on securing us more events all the time and can’t wait for our next one.

Im going to keep this weeks blog short but to all you future interns out there don’t be afraid of taking the risk. All the hard work I have put in thus far has been very worth it. Each week that I complete brings me one week closer to the end and one week closer to a new beginning.

Whoa how is it already the end of week 4? I know, I know, I know, everyone says how time flies, it could be the most cliche thing out there but its true.


The last two weeks I was only able to attend 1 event but I made sure the interns going to the other events were ready as they will ever be. That meant heading into the compound early to make sure they had boards to display / sell at each event, making sure any boards we owed the event were accounted for and ready to be dropped off, as well as make sure all event materials (EZUp, chairs, displays, banners, etc) were ready and easy to get to. With a skate event in Orange and a surf event in Ocean Beach this took a little bit of time to prep. I was however able to make it to a launch party up in LA for a company / building / awesome idea called The Hub LA. It is a collaborative work space where you pay to come and work there with other creative and brilliant individuals from all walks of life and career directions. They was 3 of us interns who attended plus Geoff and one of his friends. The party was pretty awesome, live DJ, photo booth, dancers, creative writing walls, and of course some awesome food and drink. Before and after the event the other 2 interns and myself walked around a bit, since this was held in the art district there were some amazing murals all over the buildings. Unfortunately my phone’s camera is far below par so I do not have any pictures but I do plan on another trip to that area again soon, camera in hand.


Another huge event this week was our inventory day. I spent a good long time this week organizing all of our blank short boards, prepping some of them to be printed, organizing the now printed ones, and updating all of our inventory and outstanding orders. Lets just say short boards alone was a ton of work but then came the long boards. Our long boards have some of the coolest graphics ever and they have the “grip tape” built into the tops of the boards, what this means is you have to be VERY careful while stocking them so that you don’t cause any unwanted scratches to the awesome paint job. Oh and I forgot to mention how heavy those bad boys are!! Regardless we now have a full inventory of all of our boards and I must admit that it looks pretty awesome seeing them all out ready to be shipped to our loyal riders and shops across the globe.


With the 4th week coming to an end I must admit I have felt overwhelemed at times and I do not feel as though I have put my 110% into it as I plan to do so next week. This week I organized my time much better but its amazing how quickly a nicely laid out plan can crumble into a million pieces. To all those reading this in interest of becoming a futur intern I still fully recommend it but I must advize you to start working on that time management skill you think you have down cause time will mess with you a lot on here. Plus don’t you want to BBQ at the BambooSK8 compound??!!??!!

See you in a few weeks!!

Hi all,

this is my last blog entry for the Bamboosk8 internship. To you all that are starting this internship soon, good luck. It will change the way you see things, you’ll make lots of friends, you’ll learn a lot about action sports, skateboarding, people and business.

To those that worked with me for the last 4 months, thanks for all your effort and for helping me when I needed it. I hope to see you guys soon and work with you again.

To Mark, Geoff K, Geoff C and Jacquelyn, thanks for all your knowledge and friendliness. I can’t wait to meet you guys and work with you again in the near future.

4 months ago I was wondering what to do after I finished my studies and I didn’t have much experience or quantifiable results to show to prospective employers. Now, after 16 weeks I have a baggage of knowledge, confidence, experience and quantifiable results to go ahead with my career and I know I will stand above the crowd of job seekers.

I can’t thank enough everyone for their time and support, I wish actually I met you guys earlier, but this is where my destiny is taking me right now.

If you’re looking for a positive change in your life and all the other internships never filled that void, well, buckle up for the roller-coaster of your life. You’ll sweat a lot and you’ll be tested to your limits, but every week you’ll see how much you’re learning in sales, PR, marketing, finance and what others take years of work to learn or are never given the chance.

I consider myself lucky, being part of this class and having these people take time from their daily jobs to create something meaningful for future graduates or current university/college students is something that you won’t find anywhere and I know. I searched all of Europe, Australia and USA for this and only Bamboosk8 accepted me and had what I was looking for…real, quantifiable experience that I could then use to get a job in the action sport industry or whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Thanks again for making my life so hard at times, now I have the bigger picture and I know it was all worth it.

Bamboosk8 rocks!!!

Gabriel Ghigi

First step will be to set up an appointment with Mark Olson for an interview.  molson@bamboosk8.com

Next, you will need to sign a NDA (non-disclosure).  We simply don’t share anything on the internship until after a NDA is signed as we need to protect our valuable internship documents.  At the interview is where we are able to show you the inner workings of the internship in full detail.  For now, you can read more about the internship through the intern blogs to gauge what they are experiencing. 

Some of the basics… The internship is based on 400 points.  These 400 points are made up of a midterm, final, 3 part higher level MPS system, communication with the team, weekly skype calls, 1 on 1 with mentor, blogs, communication with me, as well as fulfilling the weekly duties we require such as contacting the skateboard kids through one of our social networks at www.hookit.com  We provide a lot of structure in the beginning – there is a syllabus with details of what is due each week.  Each of the interns has a folder on our server where you keep all your documents and each class has its own folder broken down weekly with 16 weeks of material.  We also have an intern bible, which gives a lot of information on past things we’ve done, resources for finding things, etc.   On the flipside of all of this structure, is a significant amount of autonomy – it’s up to you to drive the results and find solutions to the problems we face.  50 points of the 400 is based on your ability to get the results, which leads to sales.

We provide a few key content areas that we like to focus on: sales, marketing and PR but leadership is a major focus throughout each.  It’s best to align your strengths first, but we always strive to cross-train with other content areas to broaden you.  Also, each month we rotate who your mentor will be, so you get use to different leadership styles.

The last month is devoted to interviewing skills and resume building.  The entire internship is focused on networking!

We start the 1st week of May, for internship class 10.