I’ve been living in LA for three years and still haven’t gotten around to seeing as much of California as I’d like to. I’ve been to San Francisco a couple times, but I never drove south of Long Beach until I started commuting to Oceanside for this internship.

Mike has been coming up to LA with me to go to a bunch of events. A couple weeks ago we went to the Damn Am finals that were downtown at the Nike 6th and Mill facility and last weekend we drove up for the O.G. Jam, which has been one of my favourite events of the summer. It’s amazing to see the old guys still skating.

When we’re finished at an event, we find a good restaurant and enjoy……..

The finals for Skatepark of Tampa’s Damn Am LA competition was this past Sunday. We drove up from Oceanside that morning and when we arrived at Nike’s Downtown facility, the competition was on its way. Athletes from around the world came to LA this weekend to fight for the opportunity to skip the qualifiers at Tampa Am in December and automatically advance to the semi-finals. 2nd through 12th place finishers earn themselves a spot in the qualifiers.

The indoor skatepark on 6th and Mill is in an amazing area of the city. The design of the warehouse mimics the surrounding architecture and the ‘distressed’ features of the interior reflect many of the popular local skate spots. If you haven’t experienced this side of LA, do it soon. It’s very easy to discount the factories and warehouses in the area as nothing more than a blur of bricks, but if you really pay attention, there’s so much beauty to be found in the decay of industrial Los Angeles.

‘Cause every little thing, gonna be alright.Three Little Birds-Bob Marley

I can’t believe it has been 1 month already into this internship! This week I decided that I needed to take a break from life.  I’ve been pretty stressed out since I graduate in 2 weeks and have no idea what is next.  I decided that I’m just going to drop everything and take time to relax, have fun, and not have a care in the world so I took myself to the local wakeboarding cable park.  I have not been there since opening day so it was so nice to be back on my board again.  After I was finished with my sesh. I then went to visit the skate park down the road.  It was so funny! There were about 6ish skaters there and when I got out of my car they all just froze like I was a shoebie or something coming into their territory.  I started talking to them about Bamboo and then they started to come around.  The first thing they asked for were stickers, sadly I’m still waiting on those to be shipped to me.  It was really cool though just talking with them and telling them about the company, they were really interested in the products!

Side note: I’m missing Clash at Clairemont this weekend and I missed the Showroom Grand Opening last night…super bummed about this stuff, and of course being stuck in Ohio at the moment, but I’m hoping to make it to an event soon.



Week 3 everyone!!!! Time is going by really fast, I can’t believe it. In three more weeks I will be graduating college, and continuing my career in action sports. Until then, I’ll be stressing out getting my portfolio pieces together for my show and working, working, working my two other jobs and the Bamboo internship. I honestly have no idea how I am doing all of these things at once. I guess it’s because I’ve always been a busy bee. This week has been a challenge. Since I do not currently live in California, I am missing some pretty exciting stuff going on with the other interns such as visiting skate parks and hanging out with everyone else….but I can’t let that get me down! I put in my order for a longboard and will be receiving that, plus a deck soon in the mail so I can’t wait to be shredding on my new Boo and spreading the culture to other skaters out there. We finally got our Hookit Athlete list this week as well, which was so exciting! A tad bit confusing, but we’re all learning. After I contacted all of my athletes, the next morning when I checked the messages, I was so stoked when some of them replied. It’s really awesome talking with these kids and seeing what all they have been up to in the past few months. One athlete was telling me how excited he is to purchase a new deck soon, and all the tricks he has been learning. It really makes you think how happy these kids are and how passionate they are as well about skating. Talking to them for just one day made me look at life differently. To take a step back and don’t stress about things that I can’t fix, but to live life and enjoy it! I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold with Hookit and the athletes that I am a part of.



“Life happens for us, not to us.” -Anonymous

I came across this quote somewhere in the world of Twitter and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It couldn’t be more true! While some days are tough, in general, and you think “How could this happen to me?”, you have got to look at what happened for you in order to get there.
One example is this internship. While some moments can be tough with all the new learning experiences crashing in at once, more times than not, there is no doubt that every second of it is happening for all of us to make us stronger humans after the 16 weeks!

Already, in the 2.5 weeks I have been with Bamboo Skateboards, I have learned better time management, better ways of communication, benefits of different sizes and builds of skateboards, and am gaining a stronger work ethic everyday. If this experience was happening TO me, I wouldn’t be learning anything and I would be left right where I was when I started. No, I am having way too good of a time and learning way too much for it not to be happening FOR me.

This is just the beginning of an amazing experience, and I am beyond stoked to be a part of the class 16 group of interns…however; instead of being in California with most of my class, I am stuck in Ohio working remotely.  My plans are still up in the air for now of when I will be moving out to California, but I am hoping it is as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I am currently in my last quarter of school and will graduate from The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati in June with a BA in fashion marketing and management.  Wait, back up…fashion?  Yes, I have always had a love for fashion, music, art, and culture, but I have also found my real niche in activewear and my calling in action sports.  In high school I started wakeboarding and soon enough, snowboarding, which has lead me here as an intern with Bamboo Skateboards!

I found this internship on an up and coming action sports careers website called Super Rad.  Three weeks before I became an intern for Bamboo, I was constantly staying up until 3a.m. researching job posts because 1. I am a very determined person, and 2. I want to be in the action sports industry…like, yesterday.

So anyways, I found Bamboo’s internship post and I was automatically pumped after researching and learning more about the company.  This program is literally one-of-a-kind.  The in-depth experience, the culture, and the knowledge that we are going to gain from this is unreal!  I am looking forward to learning more about the industry so I can take as much as possible with me into the real world.

Today, we are slowly coming towards the end of the first week and it has been a crazy ride so far.  There is so much information to take in and keep up with, but one thing is for sure.  I have met (not technically ‘met’, but you know what I mean) so many awesome people and have learned some valuable life

lessons.  I am so grateful to be a part of this experience and I am excited to see what is next for Bamboo Skateboards, our class, and to be able to look back and see how much I have grown as a person after this!

“Today is the start of a new adventure. New challenges to face, new memories to make, and new obstacles to overcome.”     -Nishan Panwar


Check out this song that’s going to keep me motivated to move out West!



Late night wake sess.



I cannot wait to see what happens after completing this internship. By remaining focusing on what is needed to accomplish today’s goals, I have a clear vision what will need to happen to achieve the employment  desired  in the action sports industry.  It has been a constant feat to balance my current employment, this internship, and my social life all at once. Having completed this internship will allow me to focus purely on acquiring the employment opportunities I desire and less on balancing the many other requirements others have for me.

One thing will always remain certain in life, if you want something you have to go out and get it for yourself. This internship has taught me that you must be willing to make sacrifices, do whatever it takes to keep moving forward, and push until you reach your goals. It may seem hard at times to keep all this up month after month, week after week, day after day, but this is a proven the recipe for success. By staying driven day in and out, no matter the circumstances I remain in a commitment that many others have not been able to meet. It is a great lesson about running a prosperous business; no matter what the daily circumstances may be, it is important to stay focused on moving towards the goals.

As this journey comes towards an end, I have acquired some very useful information and lessons that will carry on with me in my new employment, new experiences, and new life challenges. Every tribulation that is faced today prepares me for the future, and how situations are handled today dictates how well I can control the outcome of future circumstances.

This constant movement is nothing new to Bamboo Skateboards. Since its conception, this skateboard company has found a way to constantly be “buzzing”. Whether it’s in various social medias, written publications, radio waves, or television this has been a brand that is in constant motion. After thinking about it, it seems as though my busy life has not even held a candle to what this company and its employees have done. Consistent updating is what is needed when running a successful business, and many of these updates come in a very short period of time.

Recently, Bamboo skateboards warehouse was moved to another location in Oceanside. During this move, there were not much more than just a handful of people helping. It is absolutely amazing how in less than 2 weeks there was such a transformation for the company. It was humbling to find with a little bit of help, some great will power, determination and eagerness from a small pool of talented individuals, this transformation was nothing more than a healthy heartbeat for the company. there was not any one moment that I had heard comments of how this may affect the company or even the individuals lives in a negative way, but rather a feeling of fresh air. This change had happened to become something better, something that the company was ready for.

Because of demonstrations like this, it has become apparent to me that no matter how pre-determined or busy my life may seem, it absolutely needs to be open to changes. Just as the company had done with a little bit of help, some great will power, determination and eagerness to become something better, I will become something better. Thanks to Bamboos core capabilities to acclimate I have seen to become something better, you must be enthusiastic to change.

With summer approaching quickly, more and more I find myself near the water and in less clothing. But before days are spent in board shorts and flip flops there are some much needed skateboard trips! Last weekend’s event stirred a new desire to be on the road scouting skate spots and parks.  I was fortunate enough to find myself amongst some very inspiring talented skateboarders and enthusiastic spectators. Last Saturday the Carmel Valley skate park hosted the “I ride, I recycle” skateboard contest. Let me begin by stating there was much more to see than just a few power slides and wheelies. I was not only impressed by the caliber of riding, but the diversity of athletes. Not only were competitors of many ability levels, but they were of different sexes, age groups, and skateboarding styles. There was a little bit of everything at this event; it seemed as though even skateboarders that were not in the sanctioned competition were having fun skating in their own competitive contest. At any given time I would look around and see others not only having a great time, but having support from others doing it. It makes me remember weekends when mom would take me to the skate park. Ma didn’t know anything about skateboarding, so I never listened to her tips, you know stupid comments like “keep your head up, or “make sure to keep my feet above the metal thingy’s” it never failed that in less than 10 minutes an older skater would roll up and say “Keep your head up dude”, or “Yo bro, keep your feet over the trucks!”.  Somehow it sunk more when he said it; he was a peer and was understanding. this skateboard event reminded me of All the things that I long for…skate trips to rad parks, skateboarding with a diverse group of athletes, the inspiration from complete strangers that know what they are talking about and a little bit of summer to top it off.