Those of you who know Oceanside know that it’s the capital of vintage car culture. We might be an eco-friendly skate company but we’re willing to admit our weakness for cool cars, and there’s nothing better than a little skate-inspired mod.

Check out this cool project that a few of our interns worked on: The Bamboo Skateboards Wheel Shift Knob. You can do it too. You’ll want to find out if your shift knob is removable and what the thread size is.

First thing is removing your current shift knob. Most manual shift knobs should be and some automatics can be removed. We worked on a 2014 Scion tC with an automatic transmission.

Second step is putting a nut on the shifter to keep the wheel from sliding to the bottom. You’ll need a socket wrench with an attachment long enough to put the nut on. Put it down far enough to accommodate the wheel.

Third step is simply putting the wheel on there. We kept the bearings in for a better fit around the shifter.

Finally just screw on another nut on top to keep it all in place.

Featured Image Process
*Thanks to Justin Lee for taking these awesome photos.

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