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16th annual transworld skateboarding awardsBamboo Skateboards has had a great start to the new 2014 year with AGENDA Trade Show in Long Beach, CA. Always great to see many great friends and familiar faces at the show. 16th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards were a blast after the first day of Agenda, funny to see Lizard King hosting and hating on everyone who won an award. Congrats to Habitat pro Mark Suciu for winning the Readers’ Choice Award!




Keep a look out for Bamboo Skateboards launching in your country.  Check out our friends down in Chile stoked on getting to shred some bamboo finally in South America.  The bamboo love is spreading this year… stay tuned in for our new graphics to launch mid-February in our spring collection!

Bamboo Testing


In celebration of the season  Bamboo Skateboards is hooking up with Sanuk with their 12 days of Sanukmas. We’re offer some killer deals during the last 3 days!

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  • 42″ Double Kick Mirrored Sea or Blank
  • 44″ Pintail Tiki Man or Blank
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Merry Sanukmas!

P.S. Santa just informed us the elves have made extra extra room on his sleigh so all orders over $80 get FREE SHIPPING!


Big thanks to all the supporters who came out the the events we sponsored for 91X’s Movember month long campaign.  It was a blast to be apart of such a great cause and spread the bamboo love while bringing awareness of prostate cancer.

Here’s some pics of the winner of a Bamboo Skateboards Pintail Tikiman Longboard deck at the Facial Hair Form November 29th!

IMG_20131129_213250 IMG_20131202_143346

Here’s a few pictures from the Mo’s & Ho’s party last night at Bootlegger’s Bar in downtown San Diego!  One lucky winner walked away with a Diamond Bamboo Deck & one of our brand new Mayhem style T-Shirts.

photo 4  photo 3  photo 2

Can’t wait until next year!!!

“Life happens for us, not to us.” -Anonymous

I came across this quote somewhere in the world of Twitter and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It couldn’t be more true! While some days are tough, in general, and you think “How could this happen to me?”, you have got to look at what happened for you in order to get there.
One example is this internship. While some moments can be tough with all the new learning experiences crashing in at once, more times than not, there is no doubt that every second of it is happening for all of us to make us stronger humans after the 16 weeks!

Already, in the 2.5 weeks I have been with Bamboo Skateboards, I have learned better time management, better ways of communication, benefits of different sizes and builds of skateboards, and am gaining a stronger work ethic everyday. If this experience was happening TO me, I wouldn’t be learning anything and I would be left right where I was when I started. No, I am having way too good of a time and learning way too much for it not to be happening FOR me.

I cannot wait to see what happens after completing this internship. By remaining focusing on what is needed to accomplish today’s goals, I have a clear vision what will need to happen to achieve the employment  desired  in the action sports industry.  It has been a constant feat to balance my current employment, this internship, and my social life all at once. Having completed this internship will allow me to focus purely on acquiring the employment opportunities I desire and less on balancing the many other requirements others have for me.

One thing will always remain certain in life, if you want something you have to go out and get it for yourself. This internship has taught me that you must be willing to make sacrifices, do whatever it takes to keep moving forward, and push until you reach your goals. It may seem hard at times to keep all this up month after month, week after week, day after day, but this is a proven the recipe for success. By staying driven day in and out, no matter the circumstances I remain in a commitment that many others have not been able to meet. It is a great lesson about running a prosperous business; no matter what the daily circumstances may be, it is important to stay focused on moving towards the goals.

As this journey comes towards an end, I have acquired some very useful information and lessons that will carry on with me in my new employment, new experiences, and new life challenges. Every tribulation that is faced today prepares me for the future, and how situations are handled today dictates how well I can control the outcome of future circumstances.