I don’t think I could have chosen a better internship class to be part of at Bamboo Skateboards. I, along with the other interns, have been given the opportunity to be a big part of the company’s month-long indiegogo campaign. I will finish the summer having learned so much about crowdfunding, understanding your consumer, and the importance of being able to translate the positive feedback we get on social media into monetary donations (and future sales after the campaign is over).

Running this Indiegogo campaign has been a great way to directly quantify all of our marketing efforts. Specific to social media marketing (particularly facebook), it’s been great to use the insights and analytics features to see which of our posts get the most attention, and then to use this information to strategise the ways we promote our campaign. A few things come into play in determining the popularity of posts, including content type (status vs. picture vs. video), the time we post, whether or not we ‘highlight’ our post (facebook), and whether or not we tag other companies in our post (increasing our reach). We’ve been messing around with these variable, and have been able to get a better idea of which post types and times are most successful, and so will have the highest chance of getting people to visit our campaign page.

Crucial to the success of implementing these social media strategies, however, is understanding that it is a process through which we will not see immediate results. Increasing our reach and influence across social media is a slow process, so we must focus on the long term advantages that will come as a result of building meaningful relationships with our followers, the skate shops that we are in (and perhaps more importantly the ones we aren’t in), and any other organisations that may be aligned with our brand.

Getting people to donate to your campaign IS the long term goal that, for at least four months leading up to the campaign launch, you should be working towards across social media. Build relationships with followers and give them ‘sneak peaks’ into your campaign. Get people excited. This will increase your chances of people donating immediately after the launch (something that is essential to crowdfunding). In addition to followers, you should have a list of other donors that are ready to do the same thing (family, friends, partner companies, etc.). The perks are also VERY important, and you need to make sure that donors feel that the value of the items they receive is far greater than the amount of money they donate to get it. This way you’ll get more people spreading the word about ‘all the great deals you can get by donating to this awesome company!.’

It’s all been an amazing learning experience, and I am super grateful to have had the chance to be so involved with the campaign. Can’t wait to see how well all our efforts pay off in the next couple of weeks!

Anyway, I don’t like to be too serious in my blog posts, so if you saw a bunch of text and just scrolled down to the video, here’s a rad song to listen to instead:

t’s taken a while, but I’m pleased to finally announce the coming of our very first Treasure Hunt! The implementation of this #BambooBounty has proven to be quite the growing experience! I really ought to get back into some Photoshop classes because I wasted way too much time creating this simple graphic to use for promotion across Social Media — and we all know that time is money! It’s a lot harder to motivate our followers to find the #BambooBounty than I thought! I figured, who doesn’t want free swag?! But as per suggestion by one of our 14-year-old followers, I posted pictures of some of the swag (other brands included) and now, everyone is pretty stoked!

This weeks lesson: Never doubt the power of free stuff — Free does not mean worthless!

Call me crazy, but I love the feeling of leaving the warm, sandy beaches of Hawaii enroute to the hustle and bustle of LAX . I get a chance to catch up on some much needed ZzZzzZ’s and I walk off the plane feeling motivated!
I always like to start off with a breakfast of champions, courtesy of Sloopy’s. You’ve got to try the Mushroom Croustini if you’re ever in the area!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it down to the office in Oceanside on this recent visit due to a flight delay. But luckily, my Dad sells his chips onboard Hawaiian Airlines and they partially pay us in miles, so I’ll be back soon!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for some of his products in our Scavenger Hunts!
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Speaking of which, the main point of my blog this week was to send a big wave of Aloha to all of my teammates because they are all doing a tremendous job! Working with 10 other people is tough — not to mention we’re spread across a few different time zones!  But no one can work alone. Even DMX has the roughriders. You can’t stop drop and open up shop without a team. [props if you can guess which movie that lines from]

On that note, I’ll leave you with some awesome tuneage that’s been getting me through this hectic workweek 🙂
To A Friend (Adventure Club Remix)

12 weeks… 3 months into the internship… and we have dwindled down to 3 full time interns. I’m not confident that I will pass this internship by the end of month 4… By BambooSK8’s standards. However, I am confident that I have done my best these past 3 months. I know this internship is based off of quantitative goals, however, I have taken so much more from this internship. I have made awesome friends, had some great times, and learned more about business, marketing, and myself than I could have ever thought.

These last 4 weeks we’re going to be focused on goals. We’ve all agreed to do what is necessary to succeed. Hopefully we will be able to meet our goals in the end and earn some points back so we can all pass this internship! I’m 100% confident that we will try our best to do so, and will have some interesting things coming up soon! Keep an eye out!

These photos come to you from the U.S. Seismic Event downhill longboarding comp we attended. Super gnarly.


Week 14 of the Internship is here. That means only 2 weeks left! I will be traveling back to Oceanside for the Intern Event that will be in Week 16. I had such a great experience when I went out there for my Spring Break that I was easily convinced to come back for the Intern Event.  I am going to reflect on my total experience with the internship thus far.

We have a lot of tools to market our skateboards. We can use Hookit, Facebook, and Twitter to reach new people. I do not think that everyone really realizes how these are all great tools to use. We have to stay up and up with the social media world because that is what the world is coming too! Social Media marketing is a completely new art form of communication. Master it will be vital in the companies of tomorrow.

I am learning that every lead and every connection is important. We had a lead for a shop in AU that was interested in boards. We went in the shop and BOOM they kept 2 boards! A kid on Hookit said he had a shop that was interested in getting some boards. I emailed the shop and again BOOM! That shop bought 2 boards from us! The power of Networking and the power of Social Media are awesome. Use them!

As for me, what is in store for me next do you ask? I have been applying to internships like a mad woman! I had two phone interviews this week. The next step will be a getting a face-to-face interview. I can directly see how this internship for BambooSK8 was a direct step towards my professional career. I will remember this experience forever.




Last week was really hectic here at BambooSK8. The interns had to figure out what commitments they are going to work towards during this internship. I’ll be working on our HookIt and Twitter social media platforms. If you have an account on either social media site be sure to check us out! I’ll also be working on our Youtube/Vimeo channels, so keep an eye out for some new videos in the future. Another goal of mine is to get into more of the “old school” shops that aren’t really into using emails or websites via mail. Finally I’m trying to draw more unique visitors to our website, so thanks for spending time on our site!

This past weekend BambooSK8 attended the MOSTIC skate demo at Ocean Beach Surf & Skate. A great time was had by all that came out! BambooSK8 raffled off a deck and there was some great skating by MOSTIC team riders Patrick Donivan and Joel Mercier. Our videographer Nate got in on the skating action too!

This week has been a lot less hectic now that everyone has figured out exactly what they are doing. In my free time I’ve been surfing as much as the waves will let me. It’s been kind of small lately, but I’m heading down to Blacks today to try and catch some bigger waves. The past few nights the waves have looked really cool because they’ve been glowing with algae! I took some video of it two nights ago. Check it out!