We’re so excited that it’s finally summertime, and we’re making it even better with three rad new graphics inspired by the best four months of the year.

The Lined Up is our beach-ready Bat Tail. It’s got an extended wheelbase so you can carve through high-speed turns with no wheel bite, but we love it ’cause it’s no fuss and is perfect for just cruising around.

The Paddle Out is our newest drop-through and our signature bamboo-maple hybrid makes this board the perfect blend of flex and strength. Slap some of our Blur wheels on this beauty and she’ll become your #1.

The Nirvana is the classic Pintail cruiser you never knew you needed, but trust us, you do.

We’re throwing in FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the contiguous USA on any order over $65! So cruise to the beach, bomb some hills, do what you want, and always enjoy the sunny days and summer nights.


31.5″ Lined Up Bat Tail



40″ Paddle Out Twin Tip DT

44″ Nirvana Pintail


Here are some songs I’ve been listening to this summer. Enjoy!

Perfect for the drive to work in the morning.

Heard this one in the office one day.

After a long day.

Something has been missing for the last twenty years, and I never knew what it was. Then eight weeks ago I started this internship at Bamboo Skateboards. I have the advantage of being able to get through it with a friend. Mike has taught me a lot, but nothing as significant as the importance of bran.

For the last couple of months I’ve been starting my day with a cup of coffee, sliced oranges, and a big bowl of raisin bran. I love raisin bran.

I made a spelling mistake on my wrap up a couple weeks ago and wrote about ‘branstorming’ ideas. I thought ‘Branstorm’ would be a great name for a rasin bran-esque cereal. What makes it unique is the Branstorm Rating Scale, which is a 1-5 rating based on the cereal’s present fibre intensity. More fibre = higher branstorm rating.

Anyway, until I can make my entry into the cereal industry a reality, I am quite happy continuing to enjoy the great food I’ve been eating at restaurants around North County. I love ending a day the way it started – with a nice meal chock full of fibre. So for future interns, here’s a review of some of my favourite spots near the office, rated according to the Branstorm Rating Scale.

1. The Wok Inn
– Category 1 Branstorm
What the Wok Inn lacks in fibre-full food, it more than makes up for in atmosphere. Linda has been running the place for more than 20 years, and her spring rolls and Pho keep me going back. Have an extra bowl of bran in the morning and you’ll be able to enjoy the food without worrying about not hitting your daily fibre target.

2. Jay’s Gourmet
– Category 3 Branstorm
Jay’s is just a block from the beach and always busy which makes it a great dinner spot, and if you go with the whole-wheat spaghetti you’ll get more than enough fibre for one meal. You can smell the tomato sauce and garlic bread from the sidewalk and the wonderful energy at the tiny Carlsbad location always makes for a fantastic night. Get the calamari fra diavolo for something spicy and enjoy with a glass of wine.

3. Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen
– Category 2 Branstorm
One block west of the South Coast Highway you’ll find this gem serving everything from seafood pasta to steak and grits. Loaded with atmosphere (was packed on a Monday night) and excellent service, I recommend any of the Pig’s nightly specials. You can substitue any of the sides with a salad for fibre content. Reserve the corner table in the back with a bottle of wine.

4. 333 Pacific
– Category 4* Branstorm
Although I am biased towards fibre, I still like my protein and I’ll have to say that I’ve had my best steak at this beachside restaurant. Be sure to ask the waitress for the vegetable side selection to ensure your fibre quota. Reserve the couple’s seat facing the beach for a romantic and fiber-filled sunset dinner.
*must pair with vegetables

Today is Go Skateboarding Day — the most important day of the year for skateboarders. We spent the day at Bishop Skatepark in Oceanside and the turnout was incredible. More than 200 kids showed up, and Bamboo Skateboards was just one of three companies working together to make the day amazing.

Asylum and Surf Ride, both local shops, were there running best trick contests and giving away a bunch of free stuff. We threw some hotdogs on the grill and Honest Ade supplied the drinks.

Check out some photos we got:

I’ve been living in LA for three years and still haven’t gotten around to seeing as much of California as I’d like to. I’ve been to San Francisco a couple times, but I never drove south of Long Beach until I started commuting to Oceanside for this internship.

Mike has been coming up to LA with me to go to a bunch of events. A couple weeks ago we went to the Damn Am finals that were downtown at the Nike 6th and Mill facility and last weekend we drove up for the O.G. Jam, which has been one of my favourite events of the summer. It’s amazing to see the old guys still skating.

When we’re finished at an event, we find a good restaurant and enjoy……..

I can’t believe it’s already week three. I know this summer is going to fly by and it’s really bittersweet. I’m excited to see what else this internship at Bamboo has to offer, but it also means that I’ll be clinging on to the summer long after it’s over. My spring semester only ended last week so I didn’t have any time between finals ending and starting work at Bamboo to enjoy some time off, so getting out of the office to go down to San Diego for our first two skatepark visits was a nice compromise. I’ve never been that far south so it was great to see a cool new area of California. I will definitely be going back to SD soon to really check out the city.

Back in Oceanside, it’s hard to stay away from the beach when it’s always in sight. Hopefully I will get a longboard soon and finally learn to surf, but until then I’ve been enjoying the perfect California summer just laying out in the sun. The view certainly never gets old:

Hey I’m Marina. I was born in Jamaica and went to school in the Cayman Islands for ten years. When I was choosing where to go to university, I wanted to experience something completely different, but warm weather and the ocean were things I couldn’t leave behind. Growing up in the Caribbean, anything under 75 degrees is sweater weather, so anywhere with snow was out. I had never been to the west coast before, but LA seemed like it would have everything I was looking for. I moved three years ago to start at USC and could not be happier with the choice I made.

I’m studying marketing at USC and I’m looking forward to getting real word experience during this internship. Plus the Bamboo office is only a few blocks from the beach.. what could be better?!

Bamboo – Rootical Boom

This is just the beginning of an amazing experience, and I am beyond stoked to be a part of the class 16 group of interns…however; instead of being in California with most of my class, I am stuck in Ohio working remotely.  My plans are still up in the air for now of when I will be moving out to California, but I am hoping it is as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I am currently in my last quarter of school and will graduate from The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati in June with a BA in fashion marketing and management.  Wait, back up…fashion?  Yes, I have always had a love for fashion, music, art, and culture, but I have also found my real niche in activewear and my calling in action sports.  In high school I started wakeboarding and soon enough, snowboarding, which has lead me here as an intern with Bamboo Skateboards!

I found this internship on an up and coming action sports careers website called Super Rad.  Three weeks before I became an intern for Bamboo, I was constantly staying up until 3a.m. researching job posts because 1. I am a very determined person, and 2. I want to be in the action sports industry…like, yesterday.

So anyways, I found Bamboo’s internship post and I was automatically pumped after researching and learning more about the company.  This program is literally one-of-a-kind.  The in-depth experience, the culture, and the knowledge that we are going to gain from this is unreal!  I am looking forward to learning more about the industry so I can take as much as possible with me into the real world.

Today, we are slowly coming towards the end of the first week and it has been a crazy ride so far.  There is so much information to take in and keep up with, but one thing is for sure.  I have met (not technically ‘met’, but you know what I mean) so many awesome people and have learned some valuable life

lessons.  I am so grateful to be a part of this experience and I am excited to see what is next for Bamboo Skateboards, our class, and to be able to look back and see how much I have grown as a person after this!

“Today is the start of a new adventure. New challenges to face, new memories to make, and new obstacles to overcome.”     -Nishan Panwar


Check out this song that’s going to keep me motivated to move out West!



Late night wake sess.