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So. much. turkey.

What better way to let Thanksgiving leftovers digest than with a little blog post? Black Friday is in full swing, but this entire week has felt like one gigantic week of madness!

For starters, we had an event last week in Los Angeles which Alex, Sean, Thane, and myself all attended and it went a little like this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx9O6q0pDAU&feature=relmfu

A few week’s ago, Geoff informs us his friend Rebecca Mink creates these beautiful, vegan shoes and she needed a bit of help getting a fashion show together. Signal the Bamboo Skateboard interns to the rescue! We arrived at Green Fest early to help unload and set up the day before the event, and to rehearse a brief run through of the fashion show. That night we stayed at Alex’s went out, played some pool, had fun.

Next day at the event our main job was to keep everything relating to the fashion show flowing. This meant putting outfits together, keeping the models happy (Thane and Sean’s favorite), and prepping the different areas with racks full of clothes, shoes, hats, and interestingly enough trash as well. We had a bit of down time too and if we happened to use it on free massages, so be it. Boo made an appearance, but I’m sure one of the other interns will touch on that in more detail.

My favorite booth at the event was Coco Loco. Their jewelry is amazing! It’s tribal, made of island style material: coconut, shell, bone, etc. All the jewelry is hand-carved by 1 of 50 local islanders around the world and profits go to maintaining their culture, a common goal close to my heart. Their jewelry promotes fair trade, environmental responsibility and the promotion of unique island cultures to those not previously exposed to it in western civilizations. Check out their website here: http://www.coconutjewelry.com

After a day of prep work, it was time for the fashion show, but first I had to get into fashion show mode which included getting some gnarly neon make-up done and tribal dots to fit in with the models. The fashion show lasted about 30 minutes but literally felt like no more than 5. Seriously. Everything was FAST! I would see a model run in, help them change, and send them out with less than a second to spare. Once the show was over though, everything else was done and we packed up to go home. Rebecca gave us bath bombs from Lush and you bet I used mine that night!

Get what I mean by a busy week? That was only 2 days!

Monday we had our final; 4 hours of excel sheets and questions. Thanks to he midterm prep and the midterm we were much more prepared this time around.

The rest of the week has been focused on getting promotion work out for Black Friday. We had $65 decks, a Today show promotion, as well as our promos through Roozt.com. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the wine guzzling Kathy Lee and Hoda checking out our decks!  http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/49930427#49930427

Hope everyone has a great remaining holiday season. It’s officially now ok to mount up those Christmas trees and light up your houses. One last thing, when you send your wish list to Santa be sure to include a Bamboo Skateboard on there! Be good boys and girls ;]

What an insainely fun and intense 2 weeks this has been here at Bamboo Skateboards. I will try to recap everything for you but I guarentee I am forgetting something.

First we will start with the Intern assignments and to start that off lets talk about the final! I am so happy to have made it this far in this intense program and I really did NOT want to take that final. I worked all day in the warehouse, got home, got a terrible headache, grabbed some pills, and dove in. This was crazy, all the prep we had done during prior weeks, our midterm, the ibeprophin I took, nothing truly prepaired me for what I had in front of me. None-the-less I stuck my headphones in, turned up some music and destroyed that thing. I know I am 10,000xs happier that it is behind me.

Second up is our new priority, Skate Shop Research, and it has really been going well. We have all been flying through our given regions and have almost gotten (what we think is) every skate/surf shop in the United States. Sean and I have been working hard to make sure our salesforce.com account is setup properly and have been transferring all the interns (past and present  findings into it. I think we have all been killing this assignment!

Third big thing is HookIt, we have been working hard as a team to figure out what about HookIt just isn’t working and have come up with some awesome re-structuring to make sure that it works to our full advantage and is really a win-win for all parties involved (BBS, HookIt, our Athletes  and of course you future Interns). Big things from team HookIt!!!

Forth big project we worked on the past few weeks is making sure all of the files we use on a weekly/daily are in perfect condition and are optimized so that when new interns start they have an even easier time than we did with the files. Crazy good work being done on that front and I must say, thank you to all previous classes for giving us a great starting block, and futur classes I sure hope you can keep improving these files for futur classes to come!

OK, on to the fun stuff…….

Green Festival and Fashion Show.

Last Friday most of the intern crew jumped into a few cars and drove up to LA for a huge Green Festival in wich our Bamboo boards were going to shown as a part of an Eco Fashion Show put on by Rebecca Mink. The drive up was horrible, traffic, traffic, traffic, and then we got lost. Once we got there however things turned around and they turned around fast. That first night not much was needed since we showed up a bit later then we had originally hoped to so rather than sit around and do nothing we all went out on the town! And by town I mean the Malibu Inn in Malibu since that was where we were staying for the night. A few (several) rounds of drinks, paper bags, awesome live music, and some truly professional level pool playing and we decided to call it a night and prepare for our long day to follow. The team woke up bright and early, showerd (some of us), brushed teeth, got dressed, and jumped out the door and back into the car for yet another drive to DT LA. We arrived and the fair was already going so we headed straight to our booth to check in. Rebecca was busy taking care of some PR so we wandered around and got a glimpse of some of the booths then in a moment of pure bliss we decided that Boo should probably join us on this stroll. We went back to our room (the models changing and prep room) and woke Boo up from his nap so he could say hi to his soon to be fans. Wandering around Boo took loads of pictures, practiced a little yoga, and even voted for some pretty cool city art programs, then it was back to the room for him to nap a bit more. During the down town a few of us dissapeared and we later found out they were busy getting some awesome massages FOR FREE!!! At this point the models were in the room, clothing, hair, and makeup was flying everywhere as the designers prepped their lines, makeup and hair artists prepped the models, and interns made sure there was plenty of water to keep everyone happy. Faster than we knew it was time for the show, we guided a long train of models and garmet racks behind the main stage and got everyone into position. A slight change in music and off they went, one after another they hit that runway. After the runway they jumped back into the backstage area, threw off one set of clothing and magically through on another set and off again to that runway. In what seemed like 5 minutes top the fashion show was over, later we were told that it was almost 30 minutes long and to be honest none of us would have guessed that. We quickly cleared out the backstage area and headed back to our room, a lot of goodbyes to all the amazing models we worked with that day, farewells to the designers and artists, and of course a ton of groups pictures and big thank yous to our awesome host Rebecca. After that it was back in the car for our long drive back to SD and the end of an epic event.

Black Friday!

Well today is that day well known as Black Friday, the friday after thanksgiving, the unholy day of rediculous sales and people waiting in line at midnight the night before to get them deals! We worked hard all week (and by we I mean Mark did some awesome PR work and we just did what he told us to do) prepping our big BF sale as well as got ready to share the awesome clip of us on the Today Show the morning of. In a few short hours after our spot on TV our sale was flying off the shelf and we were all so extremely stoked to be seeing BBS spread to all these new people and fans!

Cyber Monday

In the same fashion as BF the staff over at BBS with the help of us interns setup some amazing deals for next week that should keep people flocking to our online shop and hopefully lead us to land several big skate shops in the near future.

Thanks Giving

Yes I know I am going a little out of order now but I wanted to save this for my parting note. This year (as I have done for many years) I drove up to San Luis Obispo to be with a few of my friends on this wonderful day of glutony. Food was plentiful, drinks were ever flowing, and I feel like I gained a good 10-20 pounds in those 3 or 4 “servings” I injested. The thing I love most about the gathering of friends is that no matter who you are, where you are, wether you are with family or friends there is really nothing better than a group meal to warm you up and get that pep back in your step.

Until next time, Happy Holidays and go skate!!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and survived black Friday. I’m not really one to deal with that whole scene, but there are already some pretty hilarious videos online Black Friday Insanity. It was a short week here at BambooSK8 as we only worked Monday/Tuesday.

Last week though we were able to support our videographer, Nate, at his RAW Artists event at 4th and B downtown. Nate and I drove from Oceanside in the peak of rush hour, and we had the privilege of sitting in stop and go traffic.

It was all worth it though as he ended up winning the Filmer of the Year award for San Diego! We’re all stoked on his success!

Several of us also had the opportunity to celebrate Victoria passing the Bar exam at Fluxx night club. I’m thankful to be surrounded by so many great people here at BambooSK8.


Yes it is almost thanksgiving, a time to stuff your face until you can no longer move, and may possibly have to be rolled around like a giant bouncy ball…. but thats not what I am talking about. I mean there are only four weeks left of this internship… I’m not quite sure where that time went, I feel like I was just sitting down to meet everyone, and now its almost over.
Its definitely been a bumpy road full of laughs, jokes, learning, trying over and over, and a bit stressful at times, whether it was stress over if you are going to make all your points, not being able to figure something out, or things just not going your way. All in all I’d say it was definitely a positive experience. I definitely have been learning what goes into running a company and how important key factors, such as communication and team work really are. I’m also happy to say I will walk away a more confident person with a few new friends.
The most stressful points in my intern experience would definitely have to be selling boards and managing my time efficiently. Sales is definitely not a strong point of mine, never was. I am not pushy enough when people show me they really are not interested in the product. I just think of when I am shopping and that one sales person comes up to me and constantly tries to keep selling me things, it makes me want to leave the store, and I just fear that someone will think that of me. BUT managing my time more efficiently was definitely something I was able to work on. In the beginning I just did things as they came to me, not stopping to think how much time would be needed or how it would effect other things I had to get done. Needless to say that got me in some trouble and actually caused me to fail the second month of the internship. That was a wake up call for me to start looking at my week before it happened. Looking at what NEEDS to be done and doing those things right away so I could make time for the smaller commitments I had, and the photography I had to do. Which I am also very happy about, that Geoff has decided to make me the Photographer for the skate team, so I get a chance to incorporate what I know and what I love to do into my work.

Well on the more personal side of things tomorrow I am leaving for TAHOE! Yay!! I get to go snowboard and see all of my friends for a week. I also get to spend thanksgiving with my aunt and grandma so I am pretty happy that I will get to see them as well.
So I am sure you’ll have a pretty exciting blog by the end of the week to read, full of pictures.. but until then…