I cannot wait to see what happens after completing this internship. By remaining focusing on what is needed to accomplish today’s goals, I have a clear vision what will need to happen to achieve the employment  desired  in the action sports industry.  It has been a constant feat to balance my current employment, this internship, and my social life all at once. Having completed this internship will allow me to focus purely on acquiring the employment opportunities I desire and less on balancing the many other requirements others have for me.

One thing will always remain certain in life, if you want something you have to go out and get it for yourself. This internship has taught me that you must be willing to make sacrifices, do whatever it takes to keep moving forward, and push until you reach your goals. It may seem hard at times to keep all this up month after month, week after week, day after day, but this is a proven the recipe for success. By staying driven day in and out, no matter the circumstances I remain in a commitment that many others have not been able to meet. It is a great lesson about running a prosperous business; no matter what the daily circumstances may be, it is important to stay focused on moving towards the goals.

As this journey comes towards an end, I have acquired some very useful information and lessons that will carry on with me in my new employment, new experiences, and new life challenges. Every tribulation that is faced today prepares me for the future, and how situations are handled today dictates how well I can control the outcome of future circumstances.

This constant movement is nothing new to Bamboo Skateboards. Since its conception, this skateboard company has found a way to constantly be “buzzing”. Whether it’s in various social medias, written publications, radio waves, or television this has been a brand that is in constant motion. After thinking about it, it seems as though my busy life has not even held a candle to what this company and its employees have done. Consistent updating is what is needed when running a successful business, and many of these updates come in a very short period of time.

Recently, Bamboo skateboards warehouse was moved to another location in Oceanside. During this move, there were not much more than just a handful of people helping. It is absolutely amazing how in less than 2 weeks there was such a transformation for the company. It was humbling to find with a little bit of help, some great will power, determination and eagerness from a small pool of talented individuals, this transformation was nothing more than a healthy heartbeat for the company. there was not any one moment that I had heard comments of how this may affect the company or even the individuals lives in a negative way, but rather a feeling of fresh air. This change had happened to become something better, something that the company was ready for.

Because of demonstrations like this, it has become apparent to me that no matter how pre-determined or busy my life may seem, it absolutely needs to be open to changes. Just as the company had done with a little bit of help, some great will power, determination and eagerness to become something better, I will become something better. Thanks to Bamboos core capabilities to acclimate I have seen to become something better, you must be enthusiastic to change.

Just wanted to say huge shout out to my friends that are on tour!

The band is called Minor birds and they are on a 2-3 month tour with another great artist named Kat Jones. Thanks to Mark in the marketing and sales department, they are riding new Bamboo Skateboards in somewhere around 30 states of the United States of good ‘ol America!  After the bands tour had a stop in the San Diego area, Bamboo skateboards had the pleasure of hosting them to a few hours at the warehouse, showing them what it’s like to run a great skateboard company while they showed us what it’s like to run some great instruments! Please follow them on their journey across the great states, and make sure to support their valiant effort to support Bamboo skateboards and methods of sustainability through great music and art in any way that you can!

Thanks so much Joel, Chelsea, and Kat Jones for making the stop to see an old friend. Love you guys and your wonderful musical capabilities!!

Keep reppin the BOO and make us proud out there!




While it seems it’s been a lifetime, this internship has only been around 9 weeks since the commencement. What is most important for me is to understand I am past the halfway threshold. As we are coming towards the end of the internship, time will begin to slip through my hands and it will all be over before I know it. After taking the midterm, it seems as though all other work seems much simpler. It was not material that I have reviewed often, but it was very important information for anyone looking to understand and advance as a business owner.

Equidistant through the internship marks a good point to begin a new approach. From this point onward, I am dedicated to learn as much as possible from this internship using every aspect of running a action sports business. By asking many questions from all angles, this company will become more and more transparent in how it functions and operates. It is important to keep a focus on exactly what is expected from my position as an intern, but inquiring about other facets of the company can do nothing more than benefit myself, and ultimately the company in a healthier way.

I welcome the second half of this internship with open arms, and cannot wait for the opportunity to show what I have learned thus far about how to make a business thrive in such a saturated and difficult market. By using a very fine tuned set of tools, there is a way to compete with the ever evolving market of progressive brands out there. It is merely figuring out what tool is appropriate for the job at hand. This is my opportunity to show that my sets of tools are ready to be used! ]


Have you even been stuck on rocky embankment, and the only way to get to safety was to climb through thorn bushes? Have you even been caught unexpectedly in a snowstorm without a jacket and had to walk 2 miles to warmth? There are times in life that you just have to sack up and provide results.

For me, this week’s schedule felt like one of those moments. Having only a very limited number of hours in a day makes it difficult to find even time to sleep. While I used to plan out my days in hours, planning now comes in durations of minutes and seconds. Time management is possibly the most important thing that this internship has taught me. By sacking up and waking up every weekday at 5am and moving nonstop until approximately around 11pm.

At times similar to that of being caught in a snowstorm or stranded on a ledge embankment, autopilot takes over and you do what is only absolutely necessary at the time. While this is a skill I have recently acquired, it is one that should have been practiced many times before.  One can say that my situation is much like being stuck on a ledge outcropping without a rope or in a snowstorm without a jacket. The morale of the story is to do whatever it takes to get through the situation and make sure to be better prepared next time.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but I beg to differ. I’d say time flies when you don’t have any time to think about it. The internship is now into week 7 and during this entire internship I’ve been holding down a full time job that requires 45-48 hours of work a week. Add that on top of the average 28-32 hours on the internship workload and that puts me at breaking around 73-80hrs a week of work! How can I do it you ask? Exercise, eating healthy, rest, and the thought of completing a challenging task, but ultimately it’s a craptone of caffeine that gets me through the day.

Unfortunately, at times even while doing these things I feel guilty about not working on some paper or spreadsheet, and think about how quickly and easy it is to fall behind. However, this feeling ultimately motivates me and allows a sense of accomplishment. Can I balance it all? Can I get a raise at work, and be one of the best interns all at the same time?

One phrase that I can most definitely agree upon: you only get out as much as you put in. That’s why I’m going to use my any free time off to study, research, update and repeat.  Friends, and fun can wait for a little bit longer and some would be miserable in a similar situation. But I have a very simple quote for those people:

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”
Wayne Dyer

Let’s do this…


Who doesn’t like great sandwiches, great weather, and free stuff with great people? That’s what last weekend’s Board and Brew grand opening consisted of. This was a great event with an incredible turnout, and if you missed it make sure to make your way down there for a California delight (unbelievable sandwich) People that have been brushing up on their golf putting skills had an opportunity to win free t-shirts care of Mammoth resorts. Arnette optics had enough free schwag to cover any white boy from a sunburn with a hat or beanie for the day. They also threw in some glasses at the end of the day with the raffle in full swing. Bamboo Skateboards hit the cement rollin with a few decks for guests to try out before making a purchase. The crowd also got the chance to dig into some grubbing submarines while wetting there whistles with some of the best suds this side of the Mississippi. Within a window of 5 hours, I personally put down 3 of those amazing sandwiches. This event catered to more than your average beach bum; at any given time there was mommy’s pushin strollers, granny’s pushin walkers and grommy’s pushin skateboards. Its events like this I have come to realize just how easy it is to connect with others.  Pleasure can be as simple as sandwiches, music and laughs… Free stuff helps too.

Thanks to all involved for an amazing day, can’t wait for the grand re-opening! Till nexrt time….JEB

12 weeks… 3 months into the internship… and we have dwindled down to 3 full time interns. I’m not confident that I will pass this internship by the end of month 4… By BambooSK8’s standards. However, I am confident that I have done my best these past 3 months. I know this internship is based off of quantitative goals, however, I have taken so much more from this internship. I have made awesome friends, had some great times, and learned more about business, marketing, and myself than I could have ever thought.

These last 4 weeks we’re going to be focused on goals. We’ve all agreed to do what is necessary to succeed. Hopefully we will be able to meet our goals in the end and earn some points back so we can all pass this internship! I’m 100% confident that we will try our best to do so, and will have some interesting things coming up soon! Keep an eye out!

These photos come to you from the U.S. Seismic Event downhill longboarding comp we attended. Super gnarly.


Wait… It’s already week 4? Where did the time go? It just seems surreal that we’re already a quarter way done with our internship! I can tell that this is going to be the time of the internship when things really start to take off. This is the chance of a lifetime and I know I need to take full advantage of it so I can get the most out of it. Also, I got my BambooSK8 deck and it rides as if I’m skating on a cloud with angels singing into my ears. Check it out:

So far, things are getting easier, yet much more challenging at the same time. Processes such as Hookit, Facebook, Twitter, and other weekly requirements are getting much easier to fulfill, and I can tell I’m becoming more efficient. However, the challenges are coming from new responsibilities that are coming from our teams. Since I last spoke to the world (through my blog) our team has become much better at communicating, which has made a tremendous difference in our efficiency! We’re all meeting multiple times a week with different people in order to plan out events, get ideas, and really get the ball rolling on this internship. This is the point that is going to define the leaders! It’s one thing to talk about what you want to do, but it’s a whole different thing to put those plans into action. Seems a bit daunting at times, however, my team is incredibly rad, to say the least! I’m definitely with a good group of people that I’m really looking forward to working with. Since our communication is better and we are all collectively helping each other, I feel we are creating much better synergy by working together to achieve our goals!

My week 4 nugget of wisdom is related to business that comes from an article called “What is Strategy?”:

Find your niche and actively pursue it! Finding your niche is important for numerous reasons. FIrst, it is a way of maintaining a competitive advantage through distinctive competencies. If you focus on this niche, you will create a fit within your company, which is not easily imitated by competitors. Also finding your niche will reduce “straddling”. Straddling occurs when you are in different markets within your industry. If you try to be in 2 different markets at once, it dramatically reduces efficiency, which causes the company to lose money. Finally, by finding your niche, it reduces competition. By finding your niche and trying to expand it within the industry as a whole, your competitors will feel less threatened. Therefore, they are less likely to attack you for “taking away” their customers.

Get ready for an insane summer, skaters! BambooSK8 has some awesome things planned for you!


Week 14 of the Internship is here. That means only 2 weeks left! I will be traveling back to Oceanside for the Intern Event that will be in Week 16. I had such a great experience when I went out there for my Spring Break that I was easily convinced to come back for the Intern Event.  I am going to reflect on my total experience with the internship thus far.

We have a lot of tools to market our skateboards. We can use Hookit, Facebook, and Twitter to reach new people. I do not think that everyone really realizes how these are all great tools to use. We have to stay up and up with the social media world because that is what the world is coming too! Social Media marketing is a completely new art form of communication. Master it will be vital in the companies of tomorrow.

I am learning that every lead and every connection is important. We had a lead for a shop in AU that was interested in boards. We went in the shop and BOOM they kept 2 boards! A kid on Hookit said he had a shop that was interested in getting some boards. I emailed the shop and again BOOM! That shop bought 2 boards from us! The power of Networking and the power of Social Media are awesome. Use them!

As for me, what is in store for me next do you ask? I have been applying to internships like a mad woman! I had two phone interviews this week. The next step will be a getting a face-to-face interview. I can directly see how this internship for BambooSK8 was a direct step towards my professional career. I will remember this experience forever.